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Who Spends the Most on Online Ordering?

Who Uses Online Ordering?

During the pandemic, restaurants have relied on online ordering platforms. Pickup and delivery have embedded themselves into the mainstream because of lockdown procedures and social distance regulations. According to Business of Apps, the US food delivery industry had 111M users last year. Clearly it’s a trend worth jumping on. Therefore, as a small business owner, get a handle on who spends the most time and money on your online ordering. Cater directly to them during the recovery period that’s coming next.

Unsurprisingly, people with children spent the most money on food delivery this past year. Paytronix Systems did a 2021 study that found parents tend to spend more than three times as much on off-premise orders than their childless counterparts. Parents are busy working from home and watching their kids twenty-four seven without rest. They don’t have as much time to cook every day, so takeout makes the job a little easier.

Why not direct your focus on filling a niche you know exists? Offer kids’ menus, family specials and other deals that busy parents will appreciate. They’ll come back for the same quality experience whenever they’re short on time or just want to spend a low-stress afternoon together.

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Make the Most of Online Ordering

With so many other options available, you need a hook to get people to return to your restaurant. Consider rewards programs, which lead to lifelong loyalty. Around 40% of parents report that rewards encourage them to order takeout more often, according to that same Paytronix study. It makes sense; people want to stick with what works and benefits them most.

Improve the customer experience in little ways to really make an impact. For example, order tracking lets them watch their food on the move and adds a little something extra that people seem to like. Digital payments then finish the customer experience on a high note.

Exchanging cash and even coming face-to-face with couriers has become a point of issue for a lot of people, given the risk of spreading illnesses. Plenty of places don’t even accept cash anymore. Let people pay on your website, via app or through NFC technology at the door. Contact-free transactions have become the norm.

No Matter Who Dines With You

Maybe you tend to attract a college crowd. Maybe you do the most business late at night, or you’re a brewery that can’t advertise to families. Whatever the case, you can still use this article to create an online ordering platform that makes sense for your business.

Create a seasonal takeout menu or pair house cocktails with dinner, provided your state legalized alcohol delivery. According to MarketWatch, third party delivery apps have done over double the business since the pandemic started. Add that to how many restaurants are moving toward their own platforms so they don’t have to pay high commission fees. For example, consider the free branded merchant app you get when you sign up for orderOS. So no matter who’s your target demographic, you can create online ordering platforms that suit them.

Online Ordering

For a flexible, efficient online ordering system to get your restaurant through this pandemic and beyond, you need a smart Point of Sale. 


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