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Domino’s Thrives with Unexpected Tech Solutions

In the wake of COVID-19, restaurants big and small seek solutions to problems they never had before. Social distance, cleanliness and transparency are a must. Throughout the pandemic, digitization became increasingly relevant as mobile solutions advanced to meet customers’ new expectations. As new problems crop up during restaurant recovery, Domino’s Pizza is taking extra measures and relying on technology in innovative ways

New Problems, New Tech

From the Delta variant to the labor shortage, restaurants need to think outside the box to stay relevant and ahead of competition. That’s what Domino’s has in mind. They’re focusing on increasing efficiency to gain sales, without adding labor costs. It boils down to letting humans take care of what only they can, and let technology fill in the gaps.

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For example, at 2K locations the drivers no longer pre-fold takeout containers during their shift. That frees them to focus on getting food to the customers as quickly as possible. Sometimes tech solutions simply means clearing the way for robots to do their jobs. Other times, tech works congruently. They’re also adding GPS to their couriers’ phones. Though it’s an investment initially, you have high ROI since drivers can get to their drop-off locations and back more quickly.

Not only does that speed order turns and make the process more efficient, but it also hastens and makes onboarding easier. New hires can follow the map instead of having to spend months learning the area, best routes and regular customers. Think outside the box with tech to get more out of your operations without breaking the bank on labor costs.

How Domino’s Got Back on Top

Although unconventional money-saving methods work too, nothing can beat advanced Point of Sale software designed to make restaurant management simple. Smart systems track orders so that management can make decisions based on past trends. Maybe you notice nights of high or low traffic compared to the rest of the week. Using that knowledge, you can stop under- or over-scheduling your staff for those shifts.

Using all of these tools at their disposal, Domino’s second quarter sales increased 3.5% in the U.S. and over 10% overseas. The best part is that with savings like these, they’re able to increase workers’ wages. The current labor shortage makes employee retention especially important, and providing better benefits than your competition is one phenomenal way to draw workers back.

Domino’s knew that the problems arising in the restaurant industry needed unconventional solutions. That’s where the flexibility of tech comes in.

Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

Why Restaurants Need Domino’s-Grade POS

Restaurants need to think outside the box when it comes to technology. It makes labor costs easier to handle and keep low. This kind of adaptable thinking works well with advanced tech that optimizes operations. For example, the eatOS POS system has workforce management capabilities that make handling labor easy.

  1. Get time tracking alerts that notify management when employees forget to clock in or out, take a break or move into overtime.

  2. Set time off allowances, statuses and important dates on employee profiles.

  3. Clock in and out from the app. It makes it easy for workers to start their shifts while GPS tracking ensures they only do so on-premises

  4. Automatically export payroll to your preferred software for fewer errors and delays. Nobody likes when paychecks are late.

  5. Easily schedule shifts through our partnership with 7Shifts, a smart software that significantly cuts down on how long it takes. Reference past sales trends to see approximately how many workers to schedule for any given shift.

Smart Point of Sale systems work alongside your current staff to provide flexible solutions for whatever problems you face. Their adaptable nature can guide your restaurant through this difficult recovery period and into whatever world comes next.

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