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Will Food Tech Continue to Grow This Fast?

The Rise of Food Tech

The COVID-19 pandemic wrought massive change in the restaurant industry. From needing six feet between tables, to contactless orders, to higher expectations of cleanliness, food service doesn’t look the way it did before. Why should food tech be any different?

When restaurants tried to adjust to customers’ new needs as quickly as possible, a flurry of activity hit the food tech sector. They adjusted for the rapid changes hitting restaurants as state and local governments instituted rules surrounding dine-in service. Technology had to reach guests where they were at. To do that most effectively, it needed to provide key insights into restaurant operations, so owners could see where they lacked.

Take eatOS for example. Our Point of Sale collects data from across all sales channels and breaks them down with automatic analytics. We go down to store-level details or compare different venues so you can see the full picture. This tells restaurants exactly where they’re deficient so they can make changes accordingly. eatOS promotes long-term growth, particularly because we track changes over time to discern exactly what works.

food tech growth

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Food Tech After COVID-19

The industry grew during the pandemic and it’s predicted to continue its upward momentum for a long time still. Digital solutions are embedded in the dining experience. Customers don’t want to give up the convenient channels with which they’re now comfortable. As priorities change in a post-pandemic world, the most successful restaurants will be those able to keep up.

Therefore food tech isn’t about getting the latest trend, right now. It’s about flexibility that can deliver many different solutions in the long-term. Then no matter what happens in the chaotic food service industry next, you can deliver the solutions that make customers most comfortable. Nowadays, that might look like…

  1. home delivery

  2. ghost kitchens

  3. dark stores that focus on filling orders

  4. branded meal kits

  5. multiple connected devices in one technological ecosystem

or something completely different that works for you! However your brand has chosen to adapt to the restaurant industry as it stands after a global pandemic, make sure it works for your unique needs.

What’s Next for Restaurants?

As more private equity firms invest in food tech, restaurants will have their pick of which devices they need. No matter what kind of food service business you run, everyone can benefit from a fast and connected technological ecosystem. At eatOS, we provide a smart Point of Sale system and multiple other devices that work together to help your front and back of house run smoother.

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