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Why Restaurants Need SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

Restaurants have changed how they market to customers. As digitization and contactless service rose during COVID-19, SMS marketing grew too. Some stores have already incorporated texting into their business model somehow, to streamline reservations without a queue or order more conveniently. Now it’s becoming a popular marketing tool.

According to Bustle, people check their phones 160 times average each day. SMS marketing has a much higher chance of reaching your guests than other modes of contact. Connecting with customers via personal device requires careful planning, as well as a POS restaurant system that will work online and offline, with this technology you’ll get higher open rates that translate into sales. 

It works best when combined with an integrated Point of Sale system that manages your marketing and guest information. Grow your customer base, reputation and overall success when you start using SMS marketing.

sms marketing

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Why Customers Prefer It

With texts, guests have a more streamlined and transparent dining experience from start to finish. They can track their order’s status if they get takeout or delivery, which gives them a better grip on ETA. Since people tend to keep their phones on hand, sending deals and promotions right to their pockets will encourage them to drop by. Then, they can pull up the code right there instead of digging around or having to remember to bring in a physical coupon. The ease and efficiency of SMS marketing supports customer satisfaction and retention long-term.

Encourage guests to opt-in to SMS marketing by pushing deals and promotions that only apply if they’re signed up. Every other week or so, maybe send out a unique code just to SMS customers. This way, sales rise and you can also track how text message marketing converts into orders. Advertise the new platform on your social media to inspire more sign-ups.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

Although it’s a great tool, make sure that customers explicitly opt-in before you start texting them. Texting is personal, so customers don’t want to be suddenly contacted by businesses out of the blue. Often, there are laws in place about putting people on marketing lists without their permission anyway. Always have customers opt into SMS marketing first.

Timing also matters. Don’t interrupt sleep or dinnertime with promotions; in general, it’s best to stick to business hours. Getting promo codes an hour before lunch break will get customers thinking about your menu right as the hunger sets in.

Showcase your brand clearly and immediately in all your messages so they know who’s texting. If your restaurant is powered by a smart Point of Sale system, you can enable text-to-pay that lets them finish their transaction contact-free too. Create a completely modernized experience with a POS that handles marketing, orders, and payment from one centralized hub. Customer satisfaction and loyalty start here.

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