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Reporting On-the-Go for Restaurants.

As a business owner, it’s natural to worry about the health and wellness of your restaurant. Especially when you can’t be on the premises all the time, it’s natural for restaurant managers to look for other ways to ascertain that their restaurant is making the best possible operational decisions, even when they’re not being monitored by people higher up on the chain of command.

Now advanced technology is here to keep you from wasting time babysitting every minute aspect of your restaurant. With vendors like eatOS, you get advanced Point of Sale systems that do the data sourcing and analysis for you. Save time, money and effort, with our restaurant POS reports and refocus instead on optimizing every aspect of your business, from the very top all the way down.

What do you get with eatOS?

Experience a product mix like no other, with all of the features you’ve been craving to run your business right. With our menu analytics, labor data, daily sales reports and other capabilities, you can effectively run your business from any device connected to the network. eatOS Point of Sale is the best way to comprehensively view and manage all of this information.

Advanced Insight and Reporting

Get information in real-time with our merchant app. A cloud-based storage system means that you can access the dashboard from any Point of Sale, web browser or mobile device as long as you’re connected to the internet.

In addition, we offer multi-device support so the dashboard works on any iOS or Android device. Get the most out of our software integrations, even on the go, and be able to access help centers or restaurant data from any device—including your smartphone. Support more reasonable expectations and a better work/life balance when you have eatOS devices’ superior capabilities.

Practical Insights

Review and manage your most relevant and important data in real-time. With the information that we gather automatically based on intake and output, eatOS devices generate reports that help you make rounded business decisions. You’ll be able to:

  1. Save money

  2. Increase work efficiency

  3. Prevent over- or understaffing based on past traffic

  4. Reference sales breakdowns for better rates with vendors

  5. Create better marketing and promotional material

  6. Improve overall operations

and more with eatOS.

Multi-Location Reporting

Break down store-level details or view a complete overview of all your locations for comparative analysis. You can customize the results and even remotely control access for employees on every level of the management chain. Remote control capabilities are especially useful for businesses looking to scale or expand because you can manage multiple locations from the same easy-to-use interface. When you’re looking to open up multiple venues, you need to find an alternative to being everywhere at once. eatOS has those solutions.

Comparative Reporting

Comprehensive details about the wellness of your business work best when paired with the ability to track progress over time and view multiple data sets so you can see which tactics and managerial decisions work best. Check your current stats against past performance or compare sales between venues to get an accurate view of how you’re doing. You can even pre-configure the dashboard to generate these reports in an easy-to-read format for your utmost convenience.

Fast, real-time, cloud-based services are the best option for every restaurant. With the ability to optimize all operations from anywhere, managing your business effectively has never been simpler. It’s critical in this modern era to be able to have control of your business decisions no matter what or where you are.

With eatOS, your restaurant is wherever you are. Learn more about our on-the-go reporting features and everything else we have to offer when you book a demo with us.


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