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Tips for Setting Up Your Restaurant’s New Point of Sale

Even just a few years ago, more than half of restaurants didn’t have a digital Point of Sale system to handle the complex, fast-paced and stressful environment of the modern hospitality industry. As advanced Point of Sale systems became more commercialized, they stopped being exclusive to massive corporations like McDonalds and started cropping up in small businesses all over the world.

Now it’s widespread and restaurants need the best restaurant POS systems in the USA a capable, flexible Point of Sale system to keep up with all the demands of the job. It’s not optional anymore. How can you guarantee a PoS has the software you need, incorporates a comprehensive but easy-to-use interface and integrates smoothly into your place of business? You need a PoS setup and implementation plan.

Restaurant's New Point of Sale

Tips for Setting Up Your Restaurant’s New Point of Sale

Here’s how to get your restaurant ready for cutting-edge modern technology.

Ready Your Staff 

Before you even start to shop around for products, call a staff meeting to let your team know about these new changes. Although it’s not necessary to heed everyone’s input, you should take their opinions into consideration. After all, any new Point of Sale system is going to be the heart of transactions in the restaurant and streamline inter-staff communication, so why not hear out those who are going to use your new system the most?

Maybe the kitchen would prefer faster communication with the FOH or your servers need to be able to add notes to their tickets. Listen to your staff and take their needs into consideration because they’re going to be the ones using the new PoS day in and day out.

Meet Your Needs

Your Point of Sale will become so integral to daily operations that you don’t want to skimp out on critical features that will really help productivity. With your employees’ needs taken into account, it’s time to address your own just as thoroughly.

Most modern PoS have a few key features that the average restaurateur has identified as must-haves for anyone serious about succeeding in the industry. You get all of these features and more with eatOS Point of Sale, including:

  1. Automatically-generated sales reporting and analytics to help you make better budgeting and business decisions. eatOS requires a lot less time and effort on your end, which saves you money.

  2. Inventory management to reduce expensive food waste and safeguard against theft. Information gleaned via eatOS technology leads to better menu management decisions when you understand what ingredients are best-sellers or most cost effective to buy in bulk.

  3. Customer relationship management features improve your interactions with each guest, make it easy for them to reorder their favorite meals through our online ordering platforms, and gives you tools to develop stronger marketing campaigns tailored to your particular audience’s interests.

  4. Workforce management capabilities are critical for reducing labor costs and improving overall productivity. Third party integrations with 7Shifts and Gusto simplifies scheduling and automates payroll while our geo-fencing technology makes it impossible to clock in or out from off-premises, which heavily reduces timecard fraud.

  5. Flexible transaction capabilities are necessary for the modern consumer who often relies on swipe, tap, near-field communication and mobile payments. eatOS takes a wide variety of transaction methods so guests can quickly pay their bill and leave, ending their experience on a positive note.

Train Staff

Whether you followed up with all of their requests or not, create an in-depth training program to make sure all of your employees are ready to hit the ground running with your new tech. Vendors may train you or you may have to learn the interface and pass on that knowledge all by yourself; it’s just another consideration to keep in mind when you’re shopping around for a PoS.

Develop and streamline a training program so it’s easy to bring on new hires in the future, guaranteeing they’re as knowledgeable after orientation as any seasoned waiter. Your whole staff should be prepared to operate the PoS with all questions ironed out so you don’t experience hold-ups during peak hours. If any of your workers seem to catch on particularly quick, you can designate them the unofficial “point person” for on-the-job PoS questions too.

Restaurant’s New Point of Sale

The Future is Mobile

Optimize your business operations so your system works just as effectively on mobile as it does in-person or through your online ordering platform. Customers frequently get takeout on-the-go from their smartphones and, with COVID-19 changing the landscape of consumer preference forevermore, contact-free, quick delivery options are a must-have too. Self-service on mobile speeds turn times and are the cornerstone of the modern experience, and your restaurant will benefit greatly if it’s ready to meet these challenges.

With modernization comes a greater need for security too. eatOS devices are EMV-compliant to protect your customers’ data, but it’s not just your customers’ information you’ll protect: eatOS workforce management features include the ability to change permissions to safeguard profits too. If you limit voids and comps to managers, then you deter servers giving away free food to friends or making simple human mistakes on the job. Deter theft and strengthen the chain of command all in one go.

Point of Sale systems should improve communications between staff, better the customer experience for all, increase sales, and overall set your business on the path to success. Get all of this and more when you book a demo with eatOS.

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