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The Tech Solutions Defining Restaurants’ Future

The New Tech Solutions

Once again, the restaurant industry is changing. The recovery period post-COVID-19 isn’t a linear journey, and so tech solutions are continually coming out to prioritize the new needs of the industry. For example, a year ago businesses prioritized social distance and contactless dining. Now they’re relying even more on digitization.

Customers can get their favorite foods much quicker and more conveniently when they order online. Whether it’s through your  website, app or a third party platform, digital solutions provide some safety against the Delta variant and any other curveballs that the pandemic throws next.

Thanks to the increased reliance on online orders, restaurants can also take a greater interest in their customer data. Smart Point of Sale systems that integrate loyalty programs use customer profiles to track when they come in, what they order and more. Then by analyzing sales data over time, your restaurant will have a better grasp on who your best customers are, how much they spend and when. That informs where your business should place its focus, and which tech solutions to prioritize.

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The Tech Solutions that Matter Most

Moving forward, digitization’s growing role in food service will cause restaurants to consider the long-term costs and benefits. Tech solutions that have good ROI will thrive. Especially because of the labor shortage, automation is more important than ever. Mobile ordering, curbside pickup and ghost kitchens have all risen up to provide good customer solutions.

Yet just because some face-to-face service is lost, you don’t have to forgo customer satisfaction. Provide order modifications which not only drive profit, but incentivize happy guests to come back. Adaptability is crucial to long-term success, which is why you need access to crucial customer data. Find smart systems that not only track that information, but are as easy to learn and use. Reduce onboarding while improving ordering efficiency, and watch labor costs go down across the board.

Self-service, though, requires speed and accuracy. Especially with takeout channels, streamlined communication tells customers approximately when their food is ready. Whether they pick it up in-store at their front door, provide the freshest possible meal.

Food Service and the Future

Technology and digitization will continue playing a large role in food service. As customers get more comfortable with smart tech solutions, POS will keep advancing too. Customers need to know they can rely on your restaurant which is why many smart Point of Sale systems also work in offline mode. When you lose WiFi, your restaurant doesn’t lose connectivity. All of it syncs back safely to the cloud once you’re back online so the flow of operations goes uninterrupted.

eatOS provides a cloud-based system that protects your restaurants and helps it run smoothly. We created an ecosystem of devices that work, because they work together.


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