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The New Restaurant Touchpoints

Every restaurant has them, but are you using yours to the best of your ability? Today we’re talking about customer touchpoints.

These refer to the points of contact that customers have with the business. They can be personal interactions, like an exchange with the cashier, or standalone devices like Self-Service Kiosks. Understanding these crucial touchpoints will streamline your operations and grow profits long-term.

restaurant touchpoints

Photo courtesy of eatOS

Front of House Touchpoints

Previous to COVID-19, most touchpoints involved face-to-face contact with staff. However, the pandemic gave rise to touch-free options. Customers prefer the ease and efficiency of these services, and social distance regulations make it the safer bet too.

Contactless technology rising in popularity include:

  1. QR codes that guests scan to pull up a digital menu on their phones. From there, they can order and pay online.

  2. somewhere to place meals when they come out. Guests can pick up their food without coming in contact with staff.

  3. merchant apps that draw in more takeout and delivery customers.

  4. remote payment capabilities either via app or through near-field communication devices that accept mobile wallets.

Connecting these touchpoints to your POS gives more accurate, real-time data. With it, better assess your profitability and make better business decisions.

Customer Relationship Management

When you have tech that streamlines contactless communication with guests, they have a smoother experience even when issues crop up. SMS texts let customers know when their food is ready, so the queue can adequately social distance outside. Better reservation software is also taking off.

Reservations let you limit and control the guests waiting inside. Abide by capacity restrictions while maximizing your profits at the same time. That’s why it’s best to let people book from multiple platforms: Get your brand on Yelp, Google, and other places where they’re likely to look up somewhere to eat. Optimizing your web traffic is all part of a smooth customer experience.

More Digital Capabilities

When your reservation software connects to your Point of Sale system, your employees stay better connected to each other. They can control the flow of business better, especially with a POS capable of floor plan optimization.

During these strenuous financial times, you’ll want to optimize profit. Customizing the layout of your floor plan to fit more tables improves the face-to-face service that remains. Crowd control will be crucial to maintaining safety as capacity restrictions lift countrywide.

Kitchen Display Systems further heighten the guest experience. With queue ordering and station routing capabilities, the KDS sends each part of a ticket to the right area of the kitchen. This way everyone gets their food on time. Servers can also see which tables haven’t been served and communicate this with the back of house.

Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash

Introducing New Touchpoints

Face-to-face customer service is falling to the wayside, replaced by contactless trends. Invest in new customer touchpoints that let you build stronger relationships with your guests, no matter where they turn next. Advanced technology provides an accurate, efficient, superior experience at every touchpoint in your restaurant.

eatOS offers an all-in-one cloud-based eco-system exclusively for restaurants. From Point of Sale to Contactless Ordering, Pay & Order at Table, Kitchen Display System, Customer Facing Display, Online Ordering APP / Website and Workforce Management there is everything to help a restaurant succeed no matter the size. Click Here to Schedule a demo to learn more about how your restaurant can make a smooth transition into the world of restaurant technology made simple.


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