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Save Time and Money with Restaurant KDS

Has your restaurant ever been in the middle of a busy rush, and communication between the front and back of house has completely fallen apart? When it comes to your business, make sure unnecessary complications don’t spiral into bigger problems. Instead, equip your restaurant with a KDS.

With a KDS, or Kitchen Display System, your kitchen staff will work with your FOH like never before. Save time and money when you invest in cutting-edge restaurant technology for your commercial kitchen.

Kitchen Display System

Why KDS?

You’re wasting time and resources with wrong orders, paper tickets and ineffective staff communication. KDS displays the queue on a digital screen for all the cooks to see, so they can work in sync to provide quality customer experiences. The servers just submit tickets from their Point of Sale, whether they use the universal terminal or their mobile POS, and it goes directly to the kitchen. Reduce labor expenses and speed up turn times when you get a KDS.

Eliminate Paper Tickets

No more fumbling allergies or modifications when tickets get lost or too damaged to read. Rather than slowing down productivity, KDS provides an easy-to-read, accessible screen for cooks to share so the queue gets taken care of in the right order.

Reducing paper waste is eco-friendly and helps the environment while also creating a ready-made selling point for those customers that prioritize green businesses. KDS also reduce food waste because customers don’t send back as many wrong orders, thereby saving you money on inventory and labor.

Faster Order Turnaround

Streamlining back of house communication gets orders out to their tables more quickly.  Furthermore, KDS let cooks monitor order status in real-time so they can see how long different customers have waited, thereby allowing them to reprioritize at will.

Station routing capabilities also play a role. Smart KDS, like those powered by eatOS, can direct dishes to the appropriate area of the kitchen. This also makes it simpler to cook in bulk when your BOH sees that the next five people in line want a side of fries.

Better Guest Experience

When their favorite meal comes out just right every time, you’ll improve your customer satisfaction because your servers will have more time to focus on providing a premier guest experience. 

You can also update the menu as soon as inventory runs out so every employee has accurate information. No more running back and forth to the kitchen to relay that you just ran out of salad. Reduce customers’ wait time and give them a more satisfactory experience every time with correct and on-time orders.

Restaurant Kitchen Display System

Benefits of KDS

Equip your restaurant with smarter technology to improve BOH communication and provide a better customer experience. With eatOS, you’ll get legible and organized tickets sent digitally to the kitchens so cooks can start every order immediately. Meanwhile your FOH focuses on giving great service to go with the incredible food.

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