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Restaurant Technology You Need in 2021

As the world finally starts the journey toward recovery, the effects of this pandemic will influence society for years to come. Take the business world for example: Consumer trends now focus primarily on self-service and contact-free solutions, because of COVID-19. Restaurant technology has created a positive customer experience without face-to-face contact.

Restaurant Technology

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Now is the time to evaluate what’s truly important to your business and get rid of anything that won’t help moving forward. Streamline operations by getting the most up-to-date hardware and software on the market and prepare your business for whatever this year will bring.

The Best Technology

State-of-the-Art Delivery System

This past year has made off-premise ordering vital for customers. Now that they have contactless options, people prefer the safety of delivery and takeout. Streamline your delivery systems to maximize speed, convenience and customer satisfaction so they keep coming back to you instead of one of your many competitors vying for attention.

The best delivery systems come equipped with seamless in-house communication to connect your kitchen staff with the front of house, making pickup and curbside services run smoother. eatOS multi-user capabilities enable everyone to use their Point of Sales simultaneously, so they pass along up-to-date information. Customers can also track their orders online, which many prefer so they have an accurate assessment of their food’s ETA. Order tracking via customer profiles collects valuable data that you can use to make educated marketing insights. eatOS sets up a branded app and website for your restaurant to manage its own delivery services without paying expensive third party commission fees.

It’s not just ordering that’s gone touch-free. Round out every experience with contactless payment options including mobile wallets, tap-to-pay and other digital solutions with smart transactions powered by eatOS.


Customers prefer the ease and convenience of ordering on their own time from their own devices. Self-service lets peruse the menu and make their decisions at leisure, which typically leads to bigger ticket sizes. Therefore, focus more on the online sphere moving forward.

Internet ads have a greater chance of reaching your target audience, particularly if you rely on the same social media platforms they frequent in their spare time. Engagement on these pages is critical to generating positive and widespread brand recognition. This also increases loyalty especially in conjunction with integrated rewards programs to incentivize their return and enjoyment.

Find out what digital sales channels perform best with your particular audience. Do they prefer ordering from your website? Text ordering? Self-service or digital menus generated from QR codes? Test out different avenues and lean on whatever works best as business transitions back to normal. Point of Sales have no trouble collecting data from multiple channels and generating real-time reports so you can make better business decisions overall.

Restaurant Systems

Point of Sales aren’t just cash registers anymore. Advanced systems track in-person orders as well as all other sales channels, such as delivery, and congregate that data on one intuitive screen. Your technology ecosystem needs a smart hub like this, to streamline internal operations and improve every guest experience.

Manage schedules, do payroll and handle HR with software integrations that optimize your restaurant systems. From workforce management to menu optimization, eatOS devices streamline employee and guest communication, improve operations and overall provide a better customer experience.

Technology and the Future

The world is changing right in front of our eyes once again. Cutting-edge technology solutions will be critical for restaurant success moving forward. As the industry emerges into a post-COVID-19 world, your digital ecosystem will help the business move forward.

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