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QR Codes Make Online Ordering Easier than Ever

It’s been a long and eventful year, with restaurants worldwide continually adapting to fluctuations in the pandemic and the public’s response to it, both of which affect when and how they do business. With concerns about social distance and proper sanitization still pressing, restaurants rely more and more on digital solutions that circumvent the traditional problems cropping up in the industry.

What else does QR code ordering do?

Online ordering solutions have swept hospitality businesses this year, with trends that were already rising, gaining unprecedented traction thanks to COVID-19. As small businesses adapt to ascertain their loyal guests’ continued health and safety, they’re moving to online ordering solutions like the ones offered by eatOS to power their operations and provide safer, smarter, digital menu options that will propel any restaurant into the future of foodservice.

The Old Way

QR Codes

QR Codes Make Online Ordering Easier than Ever

Risking Paper Menus

Traditional, physical menus for your guests to hold fell out of fashion this year. They’re harder to sanitize between uses, and it takes precious time out of your workers’ days to do so. It’s also a more dangerous means of doing business; getting close enough even to take the menu from their hands is a breach of the recommended six-foot distance protocols and requires workers to touch the same things as many customers put them at risk.

Restaurateurs were at a crossroads to satisfy guests’ desire to dine out and balance the need to keep their employees safe on the job. Clearly, paper menus wouldn’t work any matter if they’re laminated and washed between uses. Restaurants, then, found a better alternative in QR codes.

QR Code Ordering

The future of foodservice is mobile. With eatOS QR code ordering capabilities, customers can scan, order, and pay right from their seats. Fewer guest interactions with servers and food come out to the tables faster, as our system sends orders instantly to the Kitchen Display Screen for prep. Streamline communication to make everyone’s day easier, from the kitchen staff trying to empty the queue to guests eagerly awaiting their dinner specials.

What else does QR code ordering do?

  1. Use any smartphone to scan the code and automatically redirect it to a virtual menu optimized for mobile use. It’s a contact-free way for guests to add everything they want to a ticket swiftly, easily and with a lot less risk of spreading coronavirus.

  2. Improve order accuracy with self-ordering capabilities. When guests choose their own modifications and review their ticket before purchase, their meals come out more accurately without the middleman opening avenues to human error.

  3. Connect guests through a health screening before the menu to garner information for contact tracing and make sure they’re safe to dine with you.

  4. Reduce contact between servers and guests when they only cross paths for drink refills and bring out food.

Although as a restaurant owner, you may be wary of reducing so much face-to-face interaction when customer service typically relies on it. Right now, we’re in a public health crisis that requires alternative considerations and reprioritization on everyone’s part, customer and business owner alike. We’re all sacrificing some of our comforts and preferences for the collective wellbeing of our fellow citizens.

Digital Menus

QR codes aren’t the only digital solution revolutionizing the modern restaurant menu this year. eatOS digitizes your menu to optimize your online ordering platform, improves your workplace’s efficiency, and provides the contact-free experience that customers crave. Don’t underestimate the necessity of a virtual menu that you can edit at the drop of a hat.

Sometimes, management wants to bump up against one dish’s price a couple of cents to improve the bottom line. Maybe a guest noticed a typo in your most-ordered meal of the night. Perhaps you ran out of the fish special and didn’t want to disappoint patrons, so it’s better to take it off the menu until you restock temporarily.

All of these are everyday scenarios on the unpredictable floor of the modern restaurant. If you have to reprint fifty menus to update the soup price, you might be inhibited from making those small but necessary changes. Instead, digitization allows you to make edits swiftly, and eatOS automatically syncs those changes across every device in the store. Get all this and more when you sign on with eatOS.

The New Way

If all this wasn’t enough to sway you over to QR codes and digital menu solutions, consider the positive ecological impact when you switch from printing dozens of physical menus to an online alternative. Think of how vital environmentally friendly business practices are for the rising tide of “green consumers.”

Although online ordering solutions have been evolving toward this point for years, digital options like QR code ordering took off in 2020 because of the pandemic forcing social distance, off-premise dining, and contact-free ordering to boom. As guests grow comfortable in these new, more convenient methods, the industry and its associated technology will continue to travel down the path that’s been paved this strange and eventful year. Digital solutions will continue to evolve, and QR code ordering solutions are here to stay.

eatOS strives to continually design cutting-edge technological features at an affordable price point to give your restaurant the best of the best while encouraging your business to reach greater and greater heights. The future of foodservice technology is at your fingertips with eatOS.

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