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Point of Sale: The Key to Workforce Management

Restaurants only run as well as their best employees. To achieve high productivity and profitability, your restaurant needs superior workforce management features like those provided by eatOS. Bring your staff to the next level with a better Point of Sale.

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The Best Point of Sale for the Best Workforce Management

If you’ve got a sizable sales staff, or manage multiple venues for your brand, strong workforce management capabilities help them work smoothly together without significant oversight. With eatOS technology, you can track your employees’ time by sending out alerts to management when somebody forgets to take a break or doesn’t clock out. This heavily reduces overtime expenses.

Cutting-edge Point of Sales also automate manual tasks. Management can focus on motivating employees. Meanwhile, your front-of-house has more time to focus on customer service and parts of their job that can’t be done through a computer screen.

Security and Permissions

Guaranteeing safe and secure business is paramount, especially in an industry highly affected by turnover. Create different access levels to set different permissions for servers, cooks, bartenders, and managers.

Your business’s security starts with employee profiles. Build one on each staff member detailing things like birthdays, time off allowances, vacation requests, and security clearance to give everyone appropriate access to the Point of Sale system. They all get great use out of the same device, even though they can’t necessarily view the same screens. For example… 

Time Tracking and Accounting

Management can use the POS to create schedules much faster and more efficiently. While manual schedule making takes hours, eatOS integration with 7Shifts software automates the process. Cut down on the time it takes and provide employees an easy way to trade shifts online.

When employees come into work, they can clock in from an app so they don’t have to struggle across a busy service floor to start their day. Instead, geofencing technology lets them clock in and out from their phones—but only while they’re on the premises. Reduce timecard fraud while making timekeeping easier than ever. We automate payroll too, guaranteeing accurate paychecks on time, every time even taking everyone’s pay rate and overtime into account.

Don’t worry about tipping out after each shift, either. eatOS Point of Sale calculates tips into payroll as well, so all your finances are easily taken care of.

Sales Tracking and Reporting

Good workforce management features also track sales data to give you critical insights into your day-to-day successes. By monitoring inventory and sales reports, the POS tells you which employees sell the most on shift and who could maybe use a little more training.

When you do have to onboard new workers or retrain old ones, eatOS has an easy-to-use interface that makes learning the system very straightforward.

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The Future of Workforce Management

With the smart Point of Sale systems available on the market today, you can monitor your employees’ performance and activity like never before. Improve productivity and optimize your restaurant: Better business starts with better workforce management.

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