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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Restaurant Point of Sale

Whether you’re still using a regular old cash register or you’ve upgraded to more advanced Point of Sale systems with additional capabilities, you still might need to upgrade your restaurant’s devices soon. Avoid outdated technology and make sure you’re getting to take advantage of the most cutting-edge features available on the market today.

Every restaurant needs an effective Point of Sale to grow revenue, streamline the checkout process, manage your staff to the best of their potential, track inventory and improve the guest experience. All of that’s possible when you have state-of-the-art devices such as the Point of Sales system powered by eatOS.

Key Features

There are a few critical capabilities that eatOS PoS offer which restaurateurs should covet, no matter which vendor they ultimately turn to. The ideal system should be able to…

  1. Track inventory. Don’t spend money on what will become excess food waste because ingredients tend to expire. Stock exactly what you need, keep track of what’s selling, get reminders of when to reorder and easily calculate the cost of your ingredients. Inventory management is necessary, so it shouldn’t be hard.

  2. Offer multiple payment options. People like variety and choice. Don’t accidentally cut out a significant portion of your customer base, particularly younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z, by not offering digital payment options. Swipe, tap and mobile pay all reduce the risk of credit card fraud and also give customers necessary features like split checks or the option to pay with multiple sources for one meal, such as cash and card together.

  3. Manage your menu. Seeing your sales data in real time lets you track your best and worst selling menu items so you can market accordingly or rearrange the menu to boost sales more effectively.

  4. Manage staff. eatOS has integrated with 7Shifts to provide the best scheduling software around. You can view KPIs to better determine staff effectiveness, clock in and out from the app which has geofencing capabilities to eliminate time card fraud, track breaks and overtime, and more.

  5. Order and pay from the table. Bring your PoS to the customer and avoid the wait for the check. Self-service ordering capabilities increase the average check size and improves order accuracy, and sending orders straight to the kitchen means dishes come out faster too. The future is mobile.

  6. Give real-time analytics and reporting. Get crucial insight into your sales and other data so you can make better budgeting and general business decisions. Don’t waste time on critical reporting; get real-time information about the health of your business instead.

  7. Manage customer relationships. PoS can do a lot for CRM by building customer profiles. Source important guest data to develop stronger marketing techniques and identify your best customers. Rewards programs and heightened communication between restaurant and guest drives repeated visits to build a more loyal audience.

  8. Give 24/7 tech support. When you get a new PoS system, there’s a learning curve to integrating it seamlessly into the rest of your operations. Find a vendor whose support team you can rely on for questions or troubleshooting, without any extra cost to you. The best vendors will also train you on the new devices so you can hit the ground running with them.

  9. Rely on the cloud. eatOS uses cloud-based technology because we believe that’s the best way to secure your data. Don’t worry about break-ins or natural disasters affecting your information; store it in the cloud and access it anytime, from anywhere you’ve got internet. Even run it in offline mode so you don’t have to stop business for a faulty connection. The cloud adds a layer of flexibility and security that you can’t find with traditional PoS systems.

We believe in designing Point of Sale systems that work for you, to make your restaurant run better. PoS are more than just cash registers now; the modern age requires modern technological solutions in order to run the most elite business possible.

Upgrade to an advanced Point of Sale system that fits the particular needs of your particular restaurant. Get unique features like inventory tracking, workforce management, control over service areas and more when you get devices powered by eatOS technology. Book a demo with us and learn why you should upgrade your Point of Sale hardware to the state-of-the-art technology at eatOS. We’ll make your restaurant management simple.

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