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Is Your Restaurant’s Mobile Processing Up to Par?

In the modern restaurant payment processing has to be as up to speed as the rest of operations and meet the modern consumer where they are. With a myriad of options generally available, guests have gotten used to payment processors that accept a variety of different transaction methods with the ease, convenience and speed of self-service.

Since a large portion of your customer base won’t carry cash, restaurants have trended toward mobile credit card processors because, simply put, people usually have their phones on them but they might not have any other way to pay. It’s good for your team, who can use tablets to submit orders from beside the customers’ tables, thus spending more time with them and probably increasing their tip. Use mobile processors during pop-up or remote work event too; nowadays, all you need to make a sale is a phone, a credit card reader adapter and a payment app.

Restaurateurs just open a merchant account with their chosen processor, download the app, pair it with their chosen card reader and are ready for action. Choosing the right merchant matters because they’ll handle so many of your future sales as mobile payment continues to grow more popular and mainstream. Consider orderOS for your mobile payment and online ordering needs; you’ll never want to go back to your old ways once you see how fast and convenient ordering becomes when it’s powered by cutting-edge technology.

orderOS is the solution

The optimal restaurant experience doesn’t end when plates are cleared away. End any night out on a more positive note with fast, convenient transactions so guests can pay at their leisure with whatever method works best for them. orderOS improves every customer’s experience down to the last detail: They can tip out on tableside tablets and sign or get emailed receipts from our customer-facing screens right on the spot, and we’ll generate tip suggestions for a quick and smooth end.

From guest satisfaction to the business side of things, everyone wins with smarter online ordering and payment processing. What else do you get with orderOS?

  1. Easy and intuitive interface and overall system that you can customize specially for your staff.

  2. Real-time menu syncing capabilities ensure that all your digitized menus get updated simultaneously whenever you make a change. Don’t be afraid to include new add-ons, take items off the menu if you run out of ingredients, and update prices or fix mistakes as soon as you see them. We sync all your devices at once so every server has the same information and opportunities for upselling.

  3. Don’t worry about third party commissions or hidden fees with orderOS. Unlike third party platforms, you get to keep all of the profits earned on the branded merchant app that we’ll create, customized and digitized for your convenience and greater brand recognition.

  4. Get simplified payment as well as guaranteed safety and PCI compliance. Our cloud-based system doesn’t store guest information on any eatOS device so you can safely build profiles for their, and your, benefit. Cloud storage reduces the risk of theft and ensures necessary PCI compliance so you can operate smoothly, safely and without any fear, while still building customer profiles that give you valuable insight into the preferences of your best patrons.

orderOS is changing the game for off-premise orders and bringing all the speed and convenience of mobile payment processing to every customer, no matter what sales channel they go through. Dine-in, delivery, takeout and curbside services all get an upgrade when you get orderOS.

The future of mobile payments

Why wait? Book a demo with eatOS today to get all of these benefits and more; our integration with vendors like 7Shifts, Gusto, Star Micronics, HP and other superstars in their respective fields gives restaurants like yours access to unbeatable capabilities. From easy scheduling to automatic payroll, restaurant-grade hardware and all of orderOS’s incredible features, our advanced ecosystem works together to improve your efficiency and bring in more profit.

Starting when the customer walks in the door all the way to their mobile payment, together we can make the guest experience smoother and more efficient so they become loyal customers for life. The future of food service starts now.

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