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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Point of Sale?

Cash registers are an old, reliable and incredibly familiar aspect of the food service industry. Since restaurants were invented, people have been looking for better and better ways to count and keep track of their profits. Although a long time has passed since restaurants began using registers, a lot of them still are, either because they never bothered or couldn’t afford to upgrade their technology. That is, until now.

There are a lot of downsides to relying on traditional old cash registers in this day and age, such as human error and slower table turn times. ?Modern technology makes operations more efficient and accurate than ever. Why should your restaurant make the switch to a POS system restaurant?

Fewer Errors

Problems with the menu negatively impact customer experience which has a bad effect on profit. Human error is unavoidable, which is why automating as much of the dining experience as you can is a gateway to a more positive customer experience. With mobile and tableside ordering capabilities, customers can order right from their own phones or, alternatively, from devices set up on the table.

Ordering is easier and more accurate when servers input it directly into their tablets, because the orders go straight to the kitchen’s own screen. Special requirements like allergies are easy to input and track too. Orders are more accurate and wait times are shorter with advanced Point of Sales like the one powered by eatOS, so you can focus on a great customer experience.

Inventory Tracking

Avoid stocking issues and theft with inventory tracking capabilities. Forget manually watching over your inventory and taking time to count it every week. Inventory tracking features let you see which items are profitable, track how much you have on hand, automatically reorder items when you’re running low, rearrange your menu to maximize profit, and make sure till always matches the inventory.

The right Point of Sale lets you track orders and even create role permissions to determine who can void or comp items. Only managers should have control of that particular feature so servers can’t give free foods to themselves or friends without authorization.

Menu Management

Analyze sales data to craft the best possible menu. See which items are selling well and what’s costing you money, then make applicable design changes to either take low-selling items off completely or rearrange the whole menu to encourage more sales. Upselling capabilities also automatically prompt suggestions so staff members never miss a chance to offer a side or extra modification to the check.

Reservations Made Easy

Cash registers are just that: Places to sort and make cash transactions with customers. However they don’t have other capabilities, not like advanced Point of Sale systems do. Reservations have never been easier to handle than when you upgrade to a digital system instead. No more notes, written reminders or trouble managing the waitlist.

Put reservations online instead. With reservation management software, guests can book online or via the app, and the system can also automatically message them when their tables are ready. It’s good for management too, as the right software will let you more easily control your floor plan and tables, add notes to bookings to keep track of preferences or allergies, and analyze reports in real-time even when you’re not physically on the premises. Advanced Point of Sale systems also store guest data which lets you form customer profiles to better shape your marketing strategy and future guest interactions.

Operations Management

Handling your staff and business operations has never been easier. Streamline your schedule to avoid over- or understaffing which drives up labor costs or overworks your employees, respectively. Don’t let busy staff negatively impact customer service; invest in a Point of Sale that’s integrated with advanced scheduling software, like eatOS integrated with 7Shifts to save you the time and effort of scheduling. Let employees trade shifts virtually without managerial input so you can focus on bigger and better things.

Modern PoS systems also secure your data while actually increasing accessibility. eatOS stores data in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about break-ins or natural disasters risking your entire business. Instead, safe storage lets you access your information anytime and from anywhere that you’ve got internet.

The mobility of modern Point of Sale systems makes front of house workflow smoother than ever, in ways that traditional cash registers just can’t do. It’s not just about handling money anymore. In the modern age, you need a Point of Sale that doubles as a cash register and manages your workflow efficiently. Handheld and tablet devices are smoothing operations and changing the future of food service.

Cash registers may be cheaper upfront, but cost much more in the long run when you factor in labor and operational costs. Finding the right modern technology for your business is worth the time, money and effort it takes to shop around and train employees. Streamline your restaurant better than ever before; book a demo with eatOS to learn what we can do for your business. Down to the very last detail, eatOS makes sure that restaurant management has never been simpler.


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