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How to Improve Employee Productivity in Your Restaurant

Restaurants rely on the efficiency and productivity of every employee, working together to create a seamless dining experience for each guest who sits down or takes out. Your servers are the face of the business, the go-between for the brand and the world. In a fast-paced environment of a restaurant, you need the best of the best workers who can handle the daily stresses of a demanding job.

As a boss and mentor, restaurant managers have to not just organize their underlings but encourage their success by whatever means works best for that individual. Everyone’s different. How can you make your employees happier and more productive to ensure the continued wellness of your restaurant business?

Happy Workers, Happy Eating

When they’re given breaks to rest, the right training for seamless activity, and the tools they need for their positions, the biggest barrier to employee success is a lack of motivation and satisfaction. Keep their spirits up and infectiously good attitudes will spread to your customers too.

  1. Nothing improves morale like good compensation; rewards and bonuses are hard to beat and the easiest way to improve productivity. Whether by increasing the minimum wage, giving small gestures of thanks to hard workers or holding outright sales contests to gift winners with a free dinner, find small ways to show your appreciation.

  2. Avoid burnout by alternately assigning overnight and weekend shifts that nobody wants to take.

  3. Offer free food and drinks during breaks, or at least a special employee discount on the menu. Give coworkers something to bond over and make them better acquainted with the menu so they can genuinely recommend dishes to new customers.

  4. Improve communication and feedback to smooth interactions between the front and back of house and avoid common mistakes. Talk to your employees to see what they need to be more successful at their jobs. Listen to guest feedback as well to learn what areas your best customers find deficient and how you can improve to foster better customer relations and loyalty.

  5. Manage coworker relations to avoid blowouts. When potentially different personalities work in close quarters together, friction naturally occurs. Everyone should feel safe and secure so they can put their best foot forward, which won’t happen if they’re nervous about coming into work. Incorporate icebreakers and conflict resolution tactics into orientation so everyone is equipped to tackle arguments that crop up and will greet each day professionally and ready to work.

  6. Provide a safe workplace for all. Make sure you’re OSHA compliant; no need for an untimely kitchen accident to send operations into a tailspin. Set up an HR department as well to ensure your employees have somewhere to turn that’s on their side.

Creating a safe, inclusive workplace that promotes individual skill sets and provides the tools your employees need to thrive on the job. Of course, productivity works best when paired with state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs that speed up operations and provide seamless communication between the front and back of the house. eatOS Point of Sale offers self-service devices as part of its network of options designed to improve your restaurant management system.

We also offer workforce management (WFM) features to manage your employees more effectively. Track their progress overtime and figure out which superstars are driving the most success so you know who to thank when the time comes for raises and promotions. eatOS integration with 7Shifts makes scheduling quicker and easier than ever, while our Gusto partnership automates payroll for you too.

Workers want to feel valued and respected in their place of work. Show them that their voice matters and teach them important skills that will guide their success throughout their entire restaurant career. Productivity starts from the top down; the best bosses are also mentors who show employees the right attitude to guide their success and lead by example. Give back to your workers the best way you can, by providing them invaluable lessons that they can take with them into the future.

Combine superior PoS technology with personal motivation and watch your employees thrive. eatOS makes restaurant management easy. Book a demo today to learn how we’ll help bring your restaurant into the future of food service.

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