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5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Advanced Reporting Software

As a restaurant owner, when your business is doing well, you naturally want to pinpoint exactly what’s going right in your operations so as to accordingly support that upwards trend. Although this is important information to have, many restaurants lack the necessary technology to actually garner insights on that most relevant information.

At eatOS we developed the Point of Sale hard- and software your restaurant needs to read and analyze the data that will most positively affect your business. Gain insights into sales metrics, inventory management information, staff performance and more and then supplement that with automatic PoS analysis. Making well-informed operational and budgeting decisions starts with eatOS.

Workforce Management Made Easy

Never be over- or understaffed again. eatOS Point of Sale lets you view peak and off-peak times so you can see when you need to schedule staff to handle the influx or sparsity of guests. Make better scheduling decisions thanks to our integration with 7Shifts, an advanced restaurant employee management software that lets you easily make and alter each employee’s shift. Staff members can even swap online with each other without bothering management, smoothing the process for everybody and guaranteeing there’s never a shift missed due to poor communication.

View Peak and Off-Peak Times

Get an accurate overview of when your best customers come in, from the day of the week to the time of day. Even get inside looks at what they’re ordering; the better you understand customer habits and trends, the better you can make their experience by offering personalized deals that increase the average check size and keep them coming back.

That’s why eatOS technology lets you integrate customer profiles to develop a better understanding of key demographics. Learn when you have a greater influx of families, couples, singles or friends; see if they spend more on dessert or drinks on a certain day of the week. Gathering this information gives you the opportunity to offer special deals or promotions on those items, at those times to increase revenue and develop a tailored marketing strategy that has customer satisfaction in mind.

Multi-Device Support

Access and adjust your dashboard remotely from any device connected to the internet. eatOS is cloud-based to back up your data and make it easy to access whenever you need, while remaining safe and secure against breaches. Check up on your restaurant on-the-go from your very own smartphone because with eatOS, you’re never out of the loop. We also offer multi-location reporting so you can view analytics on multiple locations at once, so scaling and expansion are easier to handle. Customize your results to view store-level details or get a side-by-side comparison of multiple locations and see statistics on which is more profitable and how you can alter operations to support blanket growth.

Deals and Specials

Use inventory management tools to get a handle on food waste before it drains your pockets. View which products often expire or which you run through very quickly, and make marketing decisions accordingly. For example if you never use enough asparagus, take an asparagus-based dish and develop a promotion surrounding it, like a couples special. If you tend to run out of fish early, you might look and see that it tends to go quicker than usual during one particular season; thus you can order more until the trend tires itself out. Viewing your inventory reports helps you make better budgeting decisions to optimize your ingredient use and avoid unnecessary spending. Eliminating or reducing food waste can significantly improve your revenue down the line.

Maximize Profitability

See down-to-hour analysis of when you’re most profitable. With eatOS, you can not only view which days take in more profit but also how much better they do in comparison to other days, even further breaking this analysis down by food category. This gives you the most well-rounded idea about which dishes are most profitable and when, so you can make better business decisions overall: Do you have to increase or decrease your staff on a particular day? Can you close early when it’s slow? Should you put more effort into a certain section of the menu to increase sales, or make a promotional deal out of a few underperforming menu items?

As you can see, all of this is interconnected. Advanced reporting and analysis features on eatOS Point of Sale have a domino effect of improving every aspect of your operation at once, to bolster profitability overall. Our technology is designed to support you. Use the information we automatically generate to make better business and budgeting decisions that prioritize your success. Book a demo with eatOS and get the most insightful reports available for your restaurant, today.

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