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Will A.I. Ordering Take Over Food Service?

The Rise of A.I. Tech

Food service is all about convenience these days. From digital loyalty programs that automatically apply saved points, to online ordering platforms with no-contact delivery, customers value ease of use and fast service. That’s part of why A.I. technology is gaining popularity across the industry. With smart technology, restaurants are increasing their speed, accuracy and contactless capabilities.

These machines learn what and why guests order most regularly. Then they make informed, smart, and profitable choices about what to push and upsell. These algorithms show guests what they might like based on past ordering habits, what others enjoy and even the weather.

Since customers enjoy habit and routine, it reduces some of the burden of choice that comes with having too many options to process. Some worry that the rise in A.I. will limit customers from expanding their palate, but automated suggestions don’t stop them from exploring the full menu if they want to try something new that day. With eatOS Point of Sale, restaurants can also choose menu items to push regardless of customers’ past orders. It’s all designed to improve the dining experience.

a.i. restaurant tech

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Why Customers Love A.I.

People like having something recommended. Instead of asking their server, now they can get the same experience even when they use self-ordering technology. Smart Point of Sales save customer profiles, so guests can also easily reorder favorite meals or get suggestions based on what they usually like. Combine this data retention with digital rewards programs to accumulate and apply points on any order.

Sometimes, people walk into a restaurant hungry and with no idea what they’re craving. Advanced A.I. can now make suggestions based on location, popular dishes, the weather, nearby events and what others like. All of this makes a better ordering experience overall. They can also personalize and modify orders to their content with smart self-service devices, so these technologies combine to provide ease-of-use and satisfaction.

Restaurants are benefiting from the push towards digital ordering experiences. Collecting this data lets you better understand customer behavior, analyze long-term trends and get to know guests on a deeper level. This then makes it easier to create marketing initiatives and make business decisions that benefit everyone.

self-service kiosk

Photo courtesy of eatOS

The Future of Digital Food Service

Predictive ordering isn’t the only part of dining out becoming more influenced by artificial intelligence. For example, Papa John’s made a virtual assistant software named PapaCall, which takes phone orders. A lot of self-service Kiosks now come equipped with voice recognition for in-house ordering without touching the machine at all. Customers just speak and multilingual, touch-free devices let them order, pay and get information just like that.

As customers get familiar with forward-thinking technology, more restaurants see the benefit of adding smart technology like Kiosks, modern Point of Sales, Kitchen Display Screens and more. That’s why eatOS provides an ecosystem of devices that make restaurant management simple.


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