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Why Your Restaurant Needs Online Ordering

The past year has changed how we dine out. Now, providing a positive customer experience involves POS systems that support online ordering. As guest behavior changes, you need restaurant technology that evolves too.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 61% of customers would order delivery from sit-down establishments if it were a more widespread option. Clearly, popular opinion trends toward streamlined takeout and delivery services. Is your restaurant ready?

Upsides to Online Ordering

The Upsides to Online Ordering

eatOS builds an efficient online ordering platform for its merchants so you can hit the ground running without costly third party fees. Get orderOS by eatOS for a personalized branded app that streamlines the off-premise dining experience.

But that’s not all. From ordering to checkout, online ordering platforms just make business better.


There’s no chance of mishearing an order or the middleman getting it wrong through human error. A user-friendly interface lets customers order without issue and check the ticket before submission. This way it goes accurately to the kitchen, especially when you equip them with a KDS.

orderOS also lets guests write in allergies and dietary preferences, which they can double-check on the ticket too.


With self-service, guests can browse as long as they need to find a delicious meal within their budget. Sometimes customers feel judged for increasing their portion size or adding sides, but not with online ordering. Therefore they have unlimited room for customization and spend more per check on average.

Analysis and Reporting

We connect every sales channel into one smart hub, the POS system, so your takeout, delivery, curbside pickup and dine-in orders all show in one comprehensive report. This tells you what you sell the most of and when you tend to do the most business, so you can form better marketing campaigns. Include call-to-action links that redirect them to your landing pages and estimate how many employees to schedule on any given night, particularly during busy holidays.


Now, customers are used to placing orders on-the-go. They choose between pickup, delivery or curbside services. orderOS gives you all of these and lets your kitchen staff prioritize their queue so takeout is ready just as the courier arrives. A more efficiently organized queue results in happier guests whether they are there for sit-down or takeaway.

Location doesn’t matter, either. Don’t lose out to competitors because guests would rather walk there than to you when you can offer them delivery instead. eatOS also accepts a wide variety of payment methods so guests can choose whichever works for them, whether it’s cash, cards or mobile options.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering in Your Restaurant

With the right platform, your guests can avoid lines and get their favorite meals delivered right to their doors. They’ll love the speed and convenience of your branded website or app. As online ordering continues to grow, restaurants will rely more and more on digital channels. Get a head start by signing up with orderOS today.

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