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Every Restaurant Needs a Kitchen Display System

When you think of streamlining restaurant operations, your mind might jump to improving server training or introducing mobile ordering for customers’ convenience. Keep in mind it’s just as important to optimize your back-of-house as it is to maintain composure upfront on the service floor. Kitchen Display System are gaining prominence in the marketplace as they integrate into your existing technology ecosystem to bring your commercial kitchen to brand new heights.

Features and Perks

Features and Perks

eatOS powers kitchen-grade hardware that’s prepared to handle the heat. With a touch screen and three-year warranty, our KDS provides cost-effective solutions to your commercial kitchen’s blind spots. Get benefits like:

  1. Multi-lingual support so every member of your team can use the device in their native tongue for maximum and equitable convenience.

  2. Prep station routing to automatically send the order to the correct part of the kitchen, while real-time synchronization keeps everyone working in tandem.

  3. Seamless connectivity to the rest of your network, including the Kiosk, mobile Point of Sales, and your other ordering channels. We optimize the queue, so everyone gets their order in a timely fashion.

  4. Forget about network connectivity issues; offline mode keeps the kitchen running if the internet goes down and automatically syncs back to the cloud when you’re back online.

  5. Reduce printing costs when you go digital. It’s an environmentally friendly option and wins you points with customers who prefer their companies green.

Why Do You Need a Kitchen Display System?

The upfront cost of a KDS installation might put you on edge, but it shouldn’t. Like all good technology, the initial investment is offset by the ROI. With increased flexibility and digitization, you cut through human error and concerns about social distance while hastening operations, so in no time, the KDS starts to pay for itself.

Printed or handwritten tickets get lost, damaged, or smudged; that coupled with human error guarantees that your order accuracy improves with a KDS. Tickets appear onscreen as soon as they’re submitted, which improves turn times for speedier service overall.

COVID-19 has also introduced the sheer necessity of station routing capabilities. Already a perk because it streamlined service, now this feature allows line cooks to take their places at the beginning of a shift and not have to intermingle with their coworkers, thus reducing their risk of transmission. This additionally reduces contact between servers and back of house workers, which has become more of a necessity, especially in restaurants where dine-in service is restricted but ongoing.

Kitchen Display System

Although KDS work great on their own, you can supplement their effectiveness with added components. Impact printers work great if you decide to stick to physical tickets in addition to a screen, as they print louder than normal to be heard over the noise. Depending on whether you buy Kitchen Display Screens for every station or mount one for them to share, you might also consider a wall mount or stand for the tablet for equitable access.

Get superior software that offers a customizable interface while meal coursing capabilities give customers as many benefits as you get from the equation’s business side. Learn how our KDS integrates into your current operations to make restaurant management simple and more capable at the same time. Book a demo with eatOS today.

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