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Why Restaurant QR Codes Are Here to Stay

QR codes are cropping up in more and more restaurants. Customers can scan the code on their phones and order from a digital menu. This works on marketing materials and enables in-house ordering too. Lately they’ve become a huge competitor to physical menus. Restaurant staff don’t have to sanitize anything between uses, and you also save on printing costs as well as appeal to customers who support greener businesses.

QR Codes Track Orders

QR code scans grew 750% in the past year and a half, but they do more than just streamline the ordering process. They also track sales data using customer profiles.

Developing these is a big reason why the industry depends so much on online ordering today. Contact trace in case of a COVID-19 outbreak, or simply track order history to see what sells best and when. That makes it easier to design targeted marketing campaigns. Customers can also complete transactions much quicker when past orders are easily accessible. All they have to do is scan the QR code and click a couple buttons. Their order then goes right to the restaurant’s kitchen.

All this is kept confidential through a tokenized, cloud-based POS system. eatOS Point of Sale saves payment information to speed that process too. From start to finish, we make online ordering simple.

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Making the Most of Sales Data

Tracking customer sales also streamlines marketing. With eatOS analytics software, you can see which nights are slowest and run promotions then. Email newsletters send relevant content directly to interested audience members, so you can let them know when new dishes arrive or push low-selling items.

All of this also keeps you on the forefront of guests’ minds, which keeps them coming back; and that keeps them more loyal to you. Guests dislike sharing their personal information with too many organizations, so signing onto reward programs with you discourages them away from competitors. 

Even during sit-down dinners, online ordering boosts the customer experience. As soon as they scan, servers can view their profile and provide a personalized experience.

QR Codes Make Menu Management Simple

The food service industry evolves all the time. When you need to add new dishes to the menu or increase prices because of supply chain changes, eatOS Point of Sale automatically syncs to every digital menu at once. That influences business decisions at every turn.


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