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Why is Online Ordering the Future?

Over the past twelve months, the restaurant industry has experienced changes at an alarming pace. Frankly, it can be hard to keep up. As consumer expectations shift with and around COVID-19 regulations, restaurant owners shift focus to up-and-coming technology. Online ordering is the name of the game.

Online Ordering on the Rise

Throughout the pandemic, customers have gotten more and more comfortable with off-premise ordering channels. From delivery to takeout to curbside pickup services, consumers expect a safe, contact-free experience every time.

That’s why 88% of retailers have shifted online—it’s not just restaurants. During these troubled times, everyone who owns a business is seeing the benefits associated with the shift to digital platforms. Restaurants expect more than 60% of their sales to continue coming from online channels. It’s more important than ever to be where your customers are.

Nearly three-fourths of diners prefer delivery to pickup. The convenience of getting their favorite meals straight to their doorsteps is often worth paying for the privilege. Just be wary of over-charging. Most people are turned off by taxes and fees that total more than $5. Price responsibly or risk customers going somewhere else.

Restaurants are becoming more automated as a result. If you haven’t yet invested in smart technology, now is an excellent time to start. It’s never too late to optimize your business for what’s coming next.

Contactless Technology, Smart POS and More

COVID-19 has spurred the need for a dining experience void of potential transmission. It’s not just delivery that people need touch-free; as dine-in services steadily reopen and vaccinations continue rolling out, restaurants are investing in contactless payment as well.

Approximately 75% of restaurants have or intend to implement contactless ordering to automate the whole process from start to finish with no interactions required. If you’ve never offered delivery before, you’ll quickly see why merchants prefer their apps and websites over third party delivery services.

That’s what eatOS offers. We set up personalized, branded merchant apps and never take a cut, so you get all of the profits from your hard work. Small businesses need support during such a confusing and challenging period. Flexibility is critical, and that’s where reliance on advanced technology helps you adapt to changes in consumer behavior without missing a beat. Keep your customers happy, and your profits high with streamlined online ordering platforms made for your restaurant.

These services connect to a smart Point of Sale system that collects all of your data in one place for easy analysis of our automatic reports. Whether customers pay online, by mobile wallet, or some other way, eatOS supports all manner of payment methods, so customers continue their touch-free dining experience to the finish line. Contactless ordering is more important than ever because of this deadly virus, but what was once pure necessity is now an expected perk. It’s an essential aspect of the customer experience and is projected to continue playing a significant role in food service in the future.

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Online ordering matters, and so does providing a contact-free way to order, eat and pay. 

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