• Maya

Why is eatOS the Right Choice for Small Business?

When you run a small, family-owned restaurant, you understand the need to run a tight and efficient ship. Operating on famously thin profit margins, you need state-of-the-art technology that helps maximize profitability. Old school just won’t cut it anymore. That’s why here at eatOS, we’ve developed technology solutions that fit any business, no matter their size.

The cloud is the new frontier, so we developed cloud-based hardware that supports small businesses. Many family-owned restaurants still rely on old, outdated Point of Sale systems, many of which aren’t even internet based: They accept cash only and their Point of Sale operates primarily as a register. With so many customers relying on the internet nowadays for day-to-day functions, this is no longer a realistic worldview. What once worked now doesn’t cut it; more and more, customers expect their restaurants to provide fast and efficient service. They prefer options for online ordering including delivery, takeout and curbside pickup. They want to be able to browse your menu on their smartphone or laptop at home.

That’s why at eatOS, we make the effort to develop online ordering streams on your behalf. We understand the necessity of bringing your business online, and every restaurant, big or small deserves the same opportunity to expand to a wider target audience. When you upgrade to eatOS-powered devices, we’ll create a personalized app tailor-made for your restaurant specifically. Customers like on-the-go ordering because everyone’s lives are so hectic and mobile nowadays. With a personalized branded app, guests can browse your menu and order directly from their smartphone or tablet, either by searching online or via the specialized QR code we’ll make just for you. Say goodbye to third party delivery commissions and hello to the future.

Online ordering is more important than ever before, not just because of the day and age we live in but because the desire for ease and comfort was irrevocably multiplied by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last March, and that trend hasn’t slowed down since. With customers wary of in-person dining, even when staff set tables outdoors, restaurants are expected more and more to provide suitable alternatives for off-premise dining.

At eatOS, we understand that building a new section of your website (if you have one at all) and curating the perfectly appealing space for takeout and delivery takes time and effort that many restaurant owners simply don’t have when they’re trying to grow their business. We want to bring small restaurants like you out of the past and up to speed. Cutting-edge hardware isn’t just for industry giants anymore: We want to take the most advanced technology and make it accessible for hardworking business owners like you.

Get a demo with us and we’ll show you how our devices like our Self-Service Kiosk, Contactless Payment methods, Point of Sale system and other technologies will work for your business. Let eatOS bring your restaurant into the future of food service.