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Why Do Restaurants Love Customer Facing Displays?

Restaurants will come back in full swing this year. Business owners look forward to the new, new normal—but they also need to start thinking about converting their current flow of delivery orders back to dine-in seating. To guarantee better guest satisfaction than before, consider advanced Point of Sale technology that comes with customer facing displays.

These devices are as straightforward as they sound: Screens attached to your Point of Sale that let customers view their order as it’s being entered in. It’s more than just informative. Here are 5 reasons CFDs will substantially benefit your restaurant.

Why Customer Facing Displays

Why Customer Facing Displays?

Customer Satisfaction

Do you or someone you know have to maintain a particular diet? Then you’ve been to a restaurant that gets their order wrong or doesn’t appropriately accommodate what they need. They might be wary of their meal or send it back entirely. This is a waste of resources, time and a potential customer.

Why not inspire more confidence? CFDs give guests the opportunity to read the order before submission, including any allergies or dietary notes on the receipt. They also don’t have to send back incorrect orders which reduces average food waste and saves on labor expenses.

Guest Loyalty

Even one poor experience might make loyal customers wary to return. They’ll always wonder if they’ll re-experience that same bad time. Restaurants that care about improving order accuracy demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and service. This does inspire confidence by reducing errors and encouraging faster order turnaround.

You can serve more customers in a day because of this, too. All of this makes it possible to provide each and every guest with an experience they’ll want to repeat.


Off-premise dining comes with its own problems, such as fewer foods that travel well and a barrier to customer service. When dine-in resumes, you’ll want to provide the best possible experience to everyone. Streamlined orders and greater accuracy spur word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews online. Many people check ratings before trying a new place for the first time, so one good experience can turn into a dozen.

Check Out

The guest experience doesn’t stop until they walk out the door. That includes having a secure and efficient transaction. With customer facing displays, they can ready their cash or cards in advance, making for swifter payment. They can also check that the amount is correct before you process the payment so cashiers don’t have to waste time giving refunds.

To enhance your CFD even more, integrate tap-to-pay and mobile wallet capabilities to diversify acceptable payment methods and provide a quality experience for everybody, no matter their preferred method of transaction.


If your servers take tips, then you know calculations hold up the line and may shortchange waitstaff when guests round down. Advanced CFDs automatically calculate tips at 10%, 15% and 20%, or users can enter their own custom number. Overall, this increases the likelihood of guests leaving a more sizable tip. Happier servers inspire them to work harder.

Customer Facing Displays

Customer Facing Displays in Your Restaurant

In a marketplace of advanced technology and struggling restaurants vying for guests’ attention, customer facing displays help your business stand out and retain patrons as you shift back to dine-in seating. With a customized interface that suits the needs of your particular business, your guests will find the shift back to dining out as simple and efficient as ordering takeout.

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