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Why Digital Payment is Here to Stay

Over the past year, restaurants have gotten clever with providing a contactless dining experience. When COVID-19 left little choice but to adapt or close permanently, restaurants who previously never paid attention to off-premise ordering options turned to delivery and takeout for the first time. For guests, increasing digitization sparked interest in a future where every aspect of dining out, from ordering to payment, was completely contact-free.

Restaurants have adapted to digital payment methods so their customers can pay with mobile wallets and other methods that use near-field communication. Guests don’t have to pass their cards off or touch the same terminal as somebody else. In a pandemic entering its second year, invest in technology that empowers social distance.

Benefits of Mobile Pay

Digital transactions are inherently faster than cash or credit because you pay with just a couple of clicks, rather than thumbing through your wallet or waiting for exact change. It’s not only safer, but more convenient: Integrated mobile payment options increase conversion rates on online orders by more than 20%. Checking out and seeing your total is the worst part of shopping. If it takes too long or involves too many steps then people are more likely to just close out and order elsewhere. Fast and seamless mobile payment doesn’t leave room for second guessing.

Don’t worry about security either. Although touch-free technology may seem inherently less safe, NFC devices are designed to protect customer data. Get extra security with minimal risk of theft and built-in social distance. Customers also don’t have to worry about leaving home without a wallet.

Mobile payment methods were gaining traction before COVID-19, but the pandemic has made digitization more of a necessity than a perk. Now, 90% of U.S. stores accept Apple Pay and Google Pay has 150M users per month worldwide. Digital transactions are here to stay.

Loyalty, Incorporated

Digitization streamlines reward programs because customers don’t have to enter their phone numbers or carry a card. Instead, connect their points to their mobile wallet with branded apps.

When you develop an app tailor-made for your business, you get perks such as:

  1. more online orders,

  2. paying less commission than restaurants who rely on third party services,

  3. spending more per ticket because self-service gives customers the opportunity to increase portions or add sides without judgement, and

  4. collecting customer data on every purchase for more effective targeted marketing and sales promotions.

Mobile wallet users visit 50% more often, and they tend to skew younger than the average rewards member. By combining the two, you get more people spending more money, more often. When a single tap pays for a meal and automatically applies any points in the bank, customers are incentivized to return again for that same unbeatable experience.

Now, any restaurant business can get their own branded mobile app when they sign up with eatOS. With no third party commission fees, you reap all the benefits of delivery without any of the hassle. Add gift cards right on the app and automatically apply loyalty points so customers get the most bang for their buck with every purchase. 

Digital Payment is Here

The Future of Restaurant Payment

Diners enjoy the ease and convenience of mobile payment methods so they won’t give up digitization any time soon. For the most possible customer satisfaction, invest in contactless payment methods to supplement the other touch-free services that you offer. Transactions, leveraging customer data, and encouraging return visits has never been easier than with the contactless technology that’s overtaking the restaurant industry.

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