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Who Deserves a Say In Your Restaurant’s New PoS?

So you’ve realized that it’s time to upgrade your outdated Point of Sale and replace it with a technologically-advanced alternative. It’s good to join the modern consumer in the restaurant industry of today, which is powered by smart devices that make running a business smoother and more efficient than ever before. When deciding what PoS is best suited to your needs, there are a few people you should consult before making this momentous decision.

You’re not the only one who will be using the Point of Sale. Your team, particularly those stakeholders most relevant to the business, will rely on it too. Everyone has their own idea of what makes a PoS worthwhile depending on their role at the restaurant; for example, your accountant will have many different priorities than the average server.

Identify whose opinion matters most and have an open, honest conversation about everybody’s needs and expectations so you can go into each provider meeting with an idea of what features and capabilities you’re looking for.

Restaurateurs’ Needs

First and foremost, rule out what you don’t need from your Point of Sale to help narrow down potential options for your stakeholders. For example, do you want a cloud- or server-based system, or a hybrid of the two? Cloud-based PoS are increasingly popular amongst restaurateurs because it automatically backs up data and stores information remotely so there’s less risk of physical damage or theft.

You’ll also want to look for systems that are intuitive to use so you can easily train new servers on it. In the restaurant industry, employee turnover rates are extremely high so you will invariably find yourself teaching new waiters the ropes. You’ll also want to look for vendors with around-the-clock, free tech support so you have someone to reach out to if anything goes wrong. Service doesn’t have to stop while you wait for your technology to get back up and running. Make sure you know the right questions to ask providers so you guarantee you’re getting a system that fits your particular needs.

How do you know the right questions to ask? By talking directly to those that will be most affected by the decision.

Key Stakeholders

You can’t please everyone, but you can take their opinions into account and identify those people most key to your operations. Whether they make or halt major decisions, have expert insights you can’t get elsewhere or rely heavily on the Point of Sale during their usual duties. Who you should consult varies by individual business, but a few roles tend to be very relevant no matter what your restaurant looks like.

  1. Executives will want to know about the return on investment, overall cost, scalability, macro-level reporting insights and remote access to data.

  2. Directors of operations will want to make sure things run smoothly overall, and thus will be invested in the easy syncing and transfer of data, ability to set different role permissions for individual workers, and secure but flexible payment processors for customers.

  3. Managers will have a greater investment in scheduling software, workforce management, customer relationship management, tableside ordering capabilities, floor plan management, and the ability to quickly and easily comp, void, or refund a purchase.

  4. Accountants or those otherwise invested in your financials will care about remote access capabilities, integrated accounting software, simplified payroll, and financial reporting features.

  5. Cooks will prioritize tools that streamline the ordering process from the back of the house. This means menu management capabilities that promote upselling, inventory management that lets you automatically reorder stock and keep better track of food waste, and Kitchen Display Screens to track order status.

Feedback and an open, honest discussion with staff will highlight the capabilities you’re lacking but which you need to operate the restaurant at maximum efficiency. Explain and hear out the different needs and goals throughout the chain of command to get a better understanding of what features you should prioritize when making your PoS purchase.

Your team gets the most use out of your restaurant’s technology, so they should have some say in what Point of Sale system you buy. Set your employees up to do the best job they can do by going into every meeting with a potential provider with a clear understanding of what each role needs.

While you’re shopping around, consider investing in eatOS. We bring restaurants into the future of foodservice with superior management features that help all your staff members succeed. Invest in better restaurant management, today.

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