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Training Your Staff to Use Kitchen Display Systems Effectively: Tips and Strategies

a chef preparing for an order with kitchen display system in front of him.

Let's be honest, running a restaurant is a tight balancing act between all those hungry customers, the constant sizzling of the grill, and a million other things. Keeping order in the house can sometimes feel like an Olympic feat. That is where kitchen display systems come in—like a digital sous chef whispering orders into your kitchen ear.

But a display system is only as good as the people harnessing its power. Imagine this: orders are flashing across a KDS and your staff is running around, confused, with the delicious food you're preparing getting lost in the digital shuffle. Not ideal, right? Here's how to train your staff on display systems for the Kitchen and make them KDS ninjas in no time (cue dramatic music)!

Why Kitchen Display Systems Training Matters (Besides Keeping Your Sanity)?

It's smart for any restaurant to put money into a KDS from a reputed company like eatOS. Restaurants using KDS systems experience some large drop-off in errors, with a reduction in order fulfillment times. However, if you do not train your staff properly, what might have been a productivity booster for an extremely busy kitchen will turn into frustration only. Here is what happens when proper training is combined with a KDS:

Orders Flow Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Orders are read, understood, and prepped efficiently with clarity in the KDS interface. No more scribbles on scratched-out notes, no more telephone games with orders.

Goodbye Order Confusion, Hello Happy Customers

Precise order fulfillment equates to joy for customers who finally get exactly what they are craving. No more substitutes or crushed faces when the wrong food item pops out.

Less Stress, More Smiles

A smooth-running kitchen is equivalent to a calm environment for all. Your staff can focus on what they do best – creating delicious food; you, on your part, will be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that things are under control.

Training Your KDS Crew: From Newbies to Masters

Now, let's get down to some nitty-gritty material related to training your staff on restaurant display systems. Here are some tips and strategies for making them KDS champions:

Start with the Basics: 

Don't dive into more complicated features until your team knows the KDS layout, navigation controls, and order management features. Let them go through acknowledging orders, marking them as "in progress," and talking through any discrepancies.

Practice Makes Perfect (and Less Stressful)

Do not throw your team into the fire on any Friday night rush. Face them with actual training sessions where they get to know the KDS interface through mock orders in a dedicated setting. Walk your team through different scenarios like peaks reached during a regular rush hour or catching special requests. This exercise boosts confidence and prepares your troops for battle.

Visual Aids are Your Friend

Don't just tell, show! Use screenshots, and tutorials, or even create short video demonstrations of KDS functionality. For such, para-visual aids can be of great help, as some employees are more likely to understand better if they see a working demo on the spot.

Embrace the Power of Repetition

Mastering KDS, like any other new skill, takes a lot of practice. Schedule refresher training to keep your team sharp and comfortable using the system. The repetition helps cement what they have learned previously and keeps them confident in their KDS skills.

Make it Fun—Yes, Really!

Training does not have to be a drag; make it a game. Establish a point system for reading orders correctly, or run a friendly house competition for the fastest completion time on mock orders. A little friendly competition does magic in keeping staff engaged and motivated.

KDS + Well-trained Staff = Restaurant Harmony

Proper training of your staff on how to use your kitchen display system will work wonders in giving your restaurant an upper edge on its way to success. After all, a KDS is only a superb tool; the efficiencies and effectiveness it brings will depend on how it's handled well.

a chef preparing a dish from the kitchen display system in front of him.


Take your kitchen operations to a whole new level—contact eatOS today! We provide a KDS system that is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to impart knowledge to your staff, yet potent enough to efficiently streamline your entire workflow in the kitchen. Don't waste another minute: if you have a well-trained team and a KDS working perfectly in tandem, your restaurant will start to flourish in no time. Contact eatOS today!


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