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Thinking About Becoming a Reseller with eatOS?

Becoming an eatOS Reseller

At eatOS, we strive to support all of our fantastic partners. From businesses and individuals, together we form a team dedicated to the latest and greatest food service technology. Our resellers are especially important to us because they help us reach an untouched network of customers, and we do the same for them. All of our customer relationships reflect on how well we work together as a team. That’s why we strive to make every reseller feel not just like business partners, but like family too.

When you become an eatOS Reseller, you help us reach customers in different locations where we couldn’t provide service before. Simultaneously, we recognize the importance in reaching a wide range of restaurants, and the hard work that goes into it. That’s why we try so hard to show our appreciation for our resellers, too.

eatOS reseller program

The Benefit of Being a Reseller

If you want to enter the restaurant technology industry, this is a great place to start. You can make crucial networking connections and get insight that will help you later on.

Meanwhile, starting a reseller business saves costs compared to manufacturing. You can set prices as they benefit you, given that you don’t have to account for production and inventory costs. When you don’t make or store the eatOS Point of Sale systems there, you don’t have to worry about maintaining stock either. That also makes it easier to expand when you decide it’s time to scale the business. You’re providing service to an established market that has already been tested, so you can guarantee consumer demand.

Chat more in-depth with our eatOS sales team to learn more about how we can supplement each other’s future success.

Joining the eatOS Family

We love our resellers here. Working together increases profits for both our businesses. It also introduces us each to a vast new network of connections. These expanded business opportunities will get the word out about your company to a whole new audience. You can also reach them more effectively when you join our eatOS reseller program.

If you need help going digital for more affordable and efficient ways to run a restaurant, the eatOS reseller program is a great fit for businesses that sell POS hardware, retail software solutions or provide services and support to clients. eatOS is changing the way restaurateurs do business with our solutions. Grow your reseller business with the best mobile Point of Sale; receive client referrals, grow new revenue streams, and lead the mPOS revolution!

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