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The Right PoS Hardware for Full Service Restaurants

When it comes to managing your full service restaurant, you need the best of the best technology on the market to effectively handle any obstacle that comes your way. In the food service industry especially, unexpected challenges crop up all the time. Having the tools you need to properly overcome any trouble that occurs is vital to smooth operations, and that starts with the right Point of Sale system that supports your customers as well as business.

Both day-to-day and in the long term, eatOS is here to help bring every full service restaurant up to speed and into the future.

Clear Data Means Better Business Decisions

Advanced Point of Sale systems like the one powered by eatOS helps everyone in the chain of command, from owners down to every individual server. We track sales data and give real-time, analytic reporting that make it easy to make better decisions. Our heat mapping capabilities identify and highlight trends throughout the day so you can better forecast sales and make applicable business decisions, such as when to schedule more or less staff than usual, menu changes to optimize sales, and more.

Reduce Labor Costs

Full service restaurants can better manage how much they spend on staffing and labor costs when they’re equipped with the most cutting-edge devices available. Save money instantly just by automating certain aspects of the business. For example, scheduling traditionally takes up a significant amount of effort which in turn costs the business money. Free up managers’ time by investing in eatOS technology, which we’ve integrated with 7Shifts to make it easy for workers to trade shifts with each other, submit time off requests and more, all without bothering management for approvals. Operations run smoother with advanced software and hardware working together with your Point of Sale.

Reduce Food Waste

eatOS offers inventory management capabilities as well. Track your stock with real-time reporting that lets you know when and what to order so you never have to turn customers away because you’re out of the necessary ingredients that make up their favorite dish. Enhanced communication between the front and back of house also reduces food waste. Knowing what you have in abundance lets you know to order less of it in the future or begin promotional campaigns designed to push sales up for dishes that contain that ingredient. Either way, optimize your money management with inventory tracking.

When you combine mobile Point of Sales with Kitchen Display Systems, communication within your team reaches all-new heights. Don’t waste money and hurt the environment with excess food waste; let technology bridge the gap.

Upselling Capabilities

Maximize the potential sales on every customer that comes in. While you can train servers to offer sides and modifications, even the most seasoned worker can forget when they’re in a rush. Our devices automatically prompt upselling to increase the average check size, get servers better tips and improve the guest experience with increased personalization. Customizing every order makes guests feel more understood and valued, thus improving individual customer relationships and encouraging repeat visits.

Make every order more accurate and get dishes out to their tables faster. Decrease how often food gets sent back or comped while simultaneously encouraging guest loyalty. Even the checkout process runs smoother when you can split bills and items with the press of a button, as tableside ordering and transaction capabilities mean that customers don’t have to wait for the check which then improves table turn times too.

Better Guest Experience

Manage the flow of your customers by strengthening your hold over your service areas. Create a detailed floor plan to help hosts and servers seat customers, give a more accurate estimate about wait times, and handle reservations with ease. Guest management is an extremely important aspect of customer service which is why it’s so vital to meet their needs and expectations, and ensure every experience they have with your restaurant is a good one. With so much competition out there, fostering loyalty should be one of your biggest concerns as a restaurateur.

That’s why eatOS grows your online ordering channels to encourage more takeout and delivery. Sync these directly with your dine-in sales on the PoS so you always have an accurate, real-time idea of how your business is doing.

Our cloud-based technology lets you access your restaurant’s data from anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. This keeps your data secure but accessible so you can run your business without worry. Adjust pricing based on sales data, update the daily special, run promotional campaigns and check on the health of your business on-the-go. We know you’ve got a busy schedule, and eatOS is here to make restaurant management easy. When it comes to managing your full service restaurant, only the best of the best technology will do.

There’s only one food service technology company that can handle your full service restaurant’s needs. Contact eatOS today and book a demo to find out what else we can do to bring your restaurant into the future.

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