• Maya

Creating a High-Performing Kids' Menu

Busy parents are not just looking for a smaller portion in a low price kids’ menu. It is about how kids like it and considering your dish their new favorite. For restaurant proprietors, the menu for kids can be a factor in increasing profit margins. A standout kid’s food menu should appeal to kids and parents along with a restaurant’s cuisine and maximize profits wherever possible. With careful studies and research, any food business can offer a kids’ menu that both parents and kids like the most.

1. Research customers, food, and competition

It is basic knowledge that the more you understand your customers’ wants and needs, the better you can satisfy and serve them. To get some insights, make sure these three significant factors are included.

  • Customers – You must understand your target market, and that is your customer. You must know what they like to build a menu with eatOS reporting and an analytic POS system. It would help if you kept an eye on the trends like What kinds of food sell best. Is it vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free food? Or do they like to settle with their comfort food menu items? Are they ordering solo, ala cart, or family-sized meals? How many people can your place accommodate for parties and events? Information is essential like these can formulate the best kids’ menu your restaurant can offer. Moreover, don’t forget that social media plays a vital role in accumulating feedback and suggestions from your customers. In the form of a survey, you can solicit ideas from your clients online.

  • Food- eatOS POS can offer insights about the food you’re selling. For instance, what dishes are your establishment known to your clients? Which ones have the most significant profit margins? Are they good all days of the week or just on weekends? This kind of data can be beneficial in formulating your own kids’ menu. They are also essential in determining whether you need to run promos and coupons and tie up with other establishments when kids eat and can avail discounts.

  • Competition- Finally, look at kids’ menus at other popular family restaurants in your area to see what they offer and what you’ll be competing with. Think about gaps on their menus that you can fill. For example, add some healthful alternatives to your menu if the competition offers burgers and chicken nuggets.

2. Select your food

To formulate a high-performing kids’ menu, you must balance a wide range of ages, tastes, and ethnicity, including food allergy considerations. Always use the data you gathered in your research to list ideas for menu items that appeal to children and address food sensitivities after a thorough discussion with your partner and consultation with your dietician, nutritionist, and food expert. You can now compress the list into a handful of menu items that can satisfy kids and their parents while maximizing profit.

3. Design your menu

Dining with kids is very challenging for adults. But, a clear, simple kids’ menu with nutrition and allergen information can help reduce stress and speed up the ordering process. Moreover, assing portion sizes and calling our finger foods can improve a parent’s experience. Furthermore, you should be creative in naming the dishes. Finally, you can use a themed menu or menu that is appealing to their age.

4. Make your space kid-friendly

It is true that no matter how popular your kids’ menu is. A parent will never return to your restaurant if they find your place unsuitable for their kids. Your restaurant may need to accommodate strollers and offer high chairs or boosters seats. You may customize your utensils for kids, including cups with lids and plates that won’t break. You can also prepare some entertainment like a coloring page or a small box of crayons to keep kids from getting bored too quickly.

5. Keep experimenting

Almost nothing works the first time in all types of business. But the key to introducing and maintaining a successful kids’ menu is experimentation and feedback. It is also essential to hear from your staff regularly to see what they have been observing and listening to.

Running a business demands creativity. It is all right to cut menus that aren’t working well and be innovative in trying something new. However, as a business owner, it is best to build a new kids’ menu for you to capture a bigger market. Be sure that you learn about eatOS Customers Engagement and how it could contribute to achieving better profit margins for your business.