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The Overwhelming Popularity of Ghost Kitchens

People must understand what ghost kitchens are. And according to Forbes, it is also referred to as cloud or virtual kitchens. These are commercial kitchens built for food delivery services. It means you can’t expect a storefront, a dining area or waiters. In comparison, most of them cater for takeout, but a modern ghost kitchen operates through third-party apps such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub and many others. Not too long ago, this kind of business took the industry by storm.

In the US, a study shows that even before the pandemic. The food delivery industry has grown 300% faster than the typical restaurant that merely focuses on the dine-in category. Moreover, in the same study, it has been learned that most citizens are primarily in the larger metro and take orders for delivery apps only once a week for work lunch and quick dinner.

So, what makes Ghost Kitchens so popular?

Probably the most significant reasons for its popularity are:

1.Cost Friendly- Compared to traditional restaurants, this industry does not require much money to start. The only major concern is a customized kitchen. It does not include another budget for staff salary, furniture, and administrative expenses.

2.More Investors– With its success throughout the years, there is no wonder why companies are willing to put their money as an investment in the concept.The economy has become unsustainable over the last few years because of the pandemic, and it is practical for them to play extra careful about where to invest their money.

3.It offers a massive crowd to cater– 60% of US consumers order food through apps weekly as it relies on third- party food delivery apps. It allows them to serve more customers with a minimal registration fee. It will enable being more visible online, capture a larger market, and save huge marketing costs.

4.Customized menus–Because they don’t need to prepare for substantial labor costs, experimenting with new menus is easy. In addition, It is also easy for them to change and implement a new menu because of their active digital presence.

Food business sectors believe those ghost kitchens have an amazing future in the restaurant industry. Its popularity never stops growing as customers can easily order everything through apps. The digital world is genuinely embracing humanity in any way. Although dining is still the best way to socialize, diners are more into convenience, fast, cost-effective and delicious food.

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