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The Latest and Greatest Bar and Restaurant Technology

The Jetsons envisioned a technologically unimaginable future when it first aired in 1962; restaurants and bars since prohibition have wished for unthinkable tools that help them do business. Fast forward to today, and in just the past decade alone, bars and restaurants have seen their companies explode with new technologies, including POS systems, online delivery apps, and more.

What is the Restaurant Industry?

Before exploring restaurant technology, it is essential to define the restaurant industry. This refers to the sector providing food services where customers can order and eat on the premises. The exclusion of businesses that do not allow customers to sit on-site and eat their food is the primary way the restaurant industry is separated from the wider food industry.

With this in mind, the restaurant industry can include everything from traditional standalone restaurants to bars, diners, fast food restaurants, and other similar businesses. In addition, restaurants can be independent businesses, part of a wider chain or franchise, or connected to other companies, such as hotels, resorts, and casinos.

A recent study about the annual Restaurant and Technology Industry Report found that an overwhelming 95% of restaurant owners agree that technology improves restaurant efficiency.

Whether you're a budding restaurateur or a seasoned veteran, we've rounded up the best in bar and restaurant technology.

Bar and Restaurant Reservation Technology

The platform allows consumers to book a reservation for free and pay for their meals in advance. Not only does this drastically reduce the number of no-shows, but it saves restaurants a significant amount of money in the long run.

eatOS POS system for fine dining is designed for Full-Service Restaurants, with additional modules including reservations, table management, and functionality to support order coursing.

Furthermore, its all-in-one food service and restaurant management suite are designed to make it easier to manage guests, staff, marketing, finances, and the menu, thereby helping restaurant operators thrive no matter their size.

With these fantastic features, menu and table management, seating and serving your guests is more efficient than ever. In addition, eatOS streamline communication throughout your entire It makes it easy to alter orders and account for dietary restrictions or preferences.

Cashless Payment and Restaurant Ordering Technology for Bars and Restaurants

Take EMV-enabled card payments everywhere – in a restaurant or on the go. eatOS software is integrated with almost all major payment processors fit for your business.

This fantastic feature lets customers view their orders in real-time and helps reduce errors, improving customer experience and higher profits.

Marketing and Ambiance Bar and Restaurant Technology

Music can make or break the atmosphere in any bar or restaurant. Find your perfect playlist with Soundtrack Your Brand. This Swedish, Spotify-backed startup is out to kill bad background music. One carefully curated playlist at a time. Their vast and growing catalog is guaranteed to fit any business. For as low as $31.99, you can manage and schedule music over any internet connection for up to ten locations on your device.

Restaurant and Bar Order Management Technology

eatOS POS system for bar and grill is a perfect choice for busy bar owners. Its quick ordering screen, guest management, and intelligent inventory will bust lines and boost your bottom line.

For convenience, it allows guests to view their orders in real-time and helps reduce errors, thereby adding to a better customer experience and higher profits.

Technology and innovation have helped, even saved, restaurants as they transform their operations to survive and thrive in this new connected, and contactless era. From online ordering, self-checkouts, and touchless payments to delivery and pick-up, the F&B industry can no longer afford to ignore the trends that are helping businesses reinvent themselves to remain relevant and competitive.

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