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The Guide to Kitchen Display Systems

lt’s 2021 and restaurants have to keep up with the demands of the modern consumer. As guests increasingly prioritize fast and efficient service, social distance, self-ordering capabilities and other perks of advanced restaurant technology, so too must the industry change to meet and even exceed these expectations. Restaurants have begun to see how the guest experience improves with better technology as their staff’s performance gets more efficient too.

Kitchen Display Systems, or KDS, are one device amongst many emerging technologies aimed at simplifying modern restaurant operations. With a digital screen that shows cooks everything in the queue, communication improves between the front and back of the house and there’s no more need for paper tickets either. This isn’t just the more environmentally friendly option, but saves you money on ink and paper, and prevents lost or damaged tickets. Every order appears instantly on the queue once it’s submitted so the kitchen can get started on it ASAP.

What else is making KDS so popular?

More for the Average Customer

With a digital screen, cooks don’t have to juggle tickets or constantly check to make sure they’re appropriately prioritizing their time. For example with a KDS, station routing will send multiple orders of one dish to the same cook so they can cook in bulk. This naturally improves everybody’s order times so food gets out to tables faster and guests are happier with the overall service.

Delivery systems get more efficient too. Connected to your online ordering platform, customers can view where their order is in its journey. Good Point of Sale systems, like the one offered by eatOS, will connect the kitchen to the online ordering platform so guests can view the ETA; see if their order is in prep, the oven or in transit; and give customers access to updates for their peace of mind. This is great for your business too: eatOS consolidates all of your sales onto one network so you have real-time insights into your business.

More for Restaurants, Too

Your services get more efficient when you invest in a KDS. Streamlines operations at every kitchen station.

  1. Station routing capabilities send orders where they belong. Cooks can stay at one station, which reduces how often they cross paths with each other and thus stops some of the spread of COVID-19. Staff can also get very efficient at their particular station to improve order turns even more.

  2. Menu coursing will group items together so cooks can ready meals appropriately. Send the right dishes to the right station, group dishes together to more effectively cook in bulk, and send out everything for the whole party at once to make sure it all arrives fresh, warm and together.

  3. Customize your menu with auto-syncing capabilities that disseminate updates to every device on the network simultaneously. Give all your salespeople the most accurate information possible, as soon as possible.

  4. Grow your business when you don’t have to worry that expanding the menu or upgrading to a larger commercial kitchen will be too much to handle. eatOS is built to scale with you.

KDS streamline the delivery and ordering process to boost that important sales channel and prioritize it more effectively during COVID-19, and afterwards, restaurants can continue optimizing off-premise orders alongside in-person sales. The industry will need to make the most of both to survive the next, and hopefully final, stages of the pandemic.

Streamline communication between your front and back of house staff and amongst your patrons, and get real-time sales information so you can make better budgeting and business decisions in the future depending on how well profits have improved and expenses have decreased with the addition of a KDS.

KDS like the one powered by eatOS benefit businesses of any size. As you decrease wait times and increase your team’s productivity, you also naturally improve the customer experience to optimize guest satisfaction every time. All of this will foster more loyalty and tempt them back to you again and again.

Get all of this and more: Book a demo with eatOS today and see why the future of food service rests in more efficient kitchen management.

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