• Maya

The Best New Restaurant Technologies in 2022

According to surveys, the restaurant industry isn’t always the front runner when upgrading its systems to meet new technology demands. The recent world’s health crisis and its economic effects helped them consider the importance of meeting advanced technology trends. Furthermore, the most crucial lesson the pandemic has taught the business sector is how to survive and become more creative and innovative.

A study shows that by 2027, the food technology market will be valued at nearly USD 342 billion as the demand for advanced technology implementation continues to rise. Here are five restaurant technologies to help your food business be more efficient, cost-effective and survive in a post-pandemic era.

  • Contactless payments–Aside from online ordering, customers can fully enjoy the art of digitization through contactless payment. Along with other features, it enables diners and the crew to continue their transactions with a lower risk of getting infected as covid 19 is still around the corner. Apart from that, it also provides a fast and easy cashless payment method everybody loves. And above all, for security, less cash inside the store means lower risks of getting robbed.

  • QR Codes– By 2025, QR code payments are predicted to grow by up to 240%.From its first use in 1994 to keep track of car parts, the invention of Japanese engineers has changed the face of technology worldwide. Still, the pandemic played a crucial role in increasing QR code usage. Moreover, a QR code provides restaurants with more information on their customers. More likely helpful in making a reservation. Furthermore, QR codes make it easier for the servers, managers and owners to meet all their regular and new customers’ needs.

  • AI– In major countries and cities worldwide, Automated Inventory and artificial intelligence are widely used. “Automated inventory increases restaurants’ bottom lines by closing the loop on food and beverages orders, inventories and food waste.” It allows food business owners to navigate new business techniques with fewer human interactions. AI has changed many restaurants’ traditional ways of interacting with their guests, improving customer experiences and aiming for work efficiencies.

  • Digital Kitchen & Menu Boards– It’s time to modernize the kitchen and connect the KDS or Kitchen Display System directly to the point of sale, kiosk, or online ordering. It will help simplify the ordering process to give a better dining experience to your customers. You can also view real-time analytics on preparation times, cancellations, wastage and more. It will allow you to make better decisions and run the kitchen more efficiently and profitably.

Reviews and high-tech feedback–Online reviews are crucial in building your restaurant’s reputation and capturing your target market. It has always been essential in growing your business, as not everyone has the chance to visit your restaurant instantly. Many will read the review first and decide whether to come or not. In addition, it remains a laurel to communicate with their existing clients. On the other hand, the high-tech feedback system enables the owner and operators to establish relationships with their customers. Collecting immediate feedback through the digital ordering platform enables restaurant owners to gather reactions, respond to inquiries and provide real-time answers.