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Smarter Contactless Delivery

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, restaurants have shifted en masse toward contactless delivery options to remedy closed dine-in services and reduced traffic born out of a necessity for social distance. Modern business owners require increased flexibility because delivery and general contactless service are on track to remain influential long after COVID-19 is behind us.

Some restaurants have taken the idea to the next level by shifting ultimately into a contact-free establishment. Ghost kitchens are essentially just commercial kitchens without dining floors, so you can focus entirely on your off-premise orders without putting money into sit-down services that may cost more than they’re worth.

Smarter Contactless Delivery

Improving Contactless Delivery

To successfully pivot your business structure, you’ll need to use online ordering channels and optimize their revenue. There’s a learning curve; it requires different skills, tactics, and promotions than what you’re probably used to.

  1. Give customers an option for contact-free dropoff or pick-up services, guaranteeing a completely safe experience from start to finish. This includes pre-paying options and contactless takeout.

  2. Use mobile payment options like Apple Pay and near-field communication. Some restaurants have temporarily barred cash payments until it’s safe to accept them. Payment diversity means you turn away fewer customers in the meantime, and it’s especially important while people are still scared.

  3. Include a space for customers to add notes like their building code or specifics to help couriers find their door. This is also beneficial for curbside ordering as guests can include their license plate or a brief description of the car so food runners can quickly find them and keep the line moving without face-to-face communication.

  4. Balance accuracy, ease of use, efficient service and overall safety.

  5. Disinfect packages, surfaces, and Point of Sales after every use.

  6. Get creative and write personalized notes to your customers to show them you care, deepen your customer relationships, and encourage loyalty.

Promote your new contactless delivery channels and safety strategies on social media to let your followers know about these new deals. Social media has become a vital component of online marketing in recent years, and since COVID-19, it’s only grown more critical. Nowadays, they’re realms of branding and advertisements, not just a place to generate engagement—although that’s still extremely important.

Give coupons and create special promotions to encourage guests to order from you again, especially if you’re using third-party apps to generate more business. Give out a discount for going directly through your website next time, which entices them to come back and cut out the middleman and pay you directly instead of having to pay high commission fees to third parties on every order.

For extra safety, help your drivers stay healthy. Give them complementary disinfectants, gloves, masks, and tissues to keep in their cars. Contactless delivery is a hugely important aspect of the restaurant industry now, so take care to make it as safe and efficient as possible with a Point of Sale system dedicated to making online ordering more effective.

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