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Simplify Restaurant Employee Scheduling

If you’ve ever run or worked at a restaurant, you know that scheduling is some of the most important but challenging aspects of managing an effective business. Optimizing work shifts determines how successful you are on any given night, yet for how necessary, fair scheduling is, all the time you spend on it adds up to many hours that you could pay on more pressing tasks.

As managers juggle what they need with staff’s availability and preferences, unforeseen circumstances crop up to throw a wrench in even the most carefully crafted schedule. Suddenly, sudden call-outs, big holidays, and high traffic times all play a role in how many servers you need, where to station line cooks, and more.

At eatOS, we believe in simplifying and streamlining every possible aspect of restaurant management. That’s why our Point of Sale system is integrated with 7Shifts, software that makes scheduling fast and easy.

Why Does WFM Matter?

You save more than time when smarter management features; you save money, too. Our devices, combined with excellent leadership, will bring your restaurant into the future.

  1. Reduce unplanned overtime with time tracking alerts that notify when workers need to take their breaks or clock out, thus reducing labor costs.

  2. Use automated reporting features to assess peak times and slow days. Never worry about over-or understaffing again.

  3. Spread out busy shifts so your best workers don’t get burned out, and your new employees can learn the ropes while giving those superstars a break.

  4. Routinely analyze your budget to ensure you’re still operating as successfully as possible. The industry changes so rapidly that it’s smart to analyze your budget quarterly or even more regularly, like monthly.

  5. Motivate the day shift to start prep work early, so the night shift is better equipped to handle the dinner rush. Cross-train your employees so anyone can pick up slack and take some of their coworkers’ burdens later.

  6. Encourage your employees to give advance notice of call-outs by meeting them halfway with increased flexibility.

  7. Remain consistent. When you perfect your operations, expectations get set high. Encourage guests to return by making every visit as good as the last, and their recommendation might turn their friends and family into regulars too.

Additionally, our Point of Sale streamlines operations, so you don’t need as many people on shift simultaneously. Save on labor costs while you save time

Scheduling is essential because inconsistency leads to understaffing. Putting undue strain on your employees causes them to make mistakes which results in worse service.

Restaurant Employee Scheduling

eatOS Features

With eatOS workforce management features, you’ll create schedules, time-off absences, and approve vacations. Set specific permissions for different employees and simultaneously track their time-off requests and more from one comprehensive screen. Meanwhile, geofencing capabilities also make it easy for guests to clock in or out from the app, but only while they’re on-premises, thus reducing timecard fraud.

When you streamline your scheduling, it positively affects the rest of the operations. Improve the customer experience, cut down on your labor spending, and increase your sales when you put your employees’ best interests in mind. Making their jobs easier motivates them to work harder, and eatOS software helps. From our integration with 7Shifts to make scheduling simple to a technology ecosystem that streamlines every aspect of operations, workforce management has never been better than what’s possible now.

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