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Should You Switch from Legacy to SaaS?

Anyone still using an old legacy point of sale system probably considers it more secure than cloud systems, or else they simply prefer the familiarity of it. However, traditional doesn’t mean better. As technology evolves, new products tend to work most compatibility with cloud-based servers that can keep up with technological advances. Of course, switching POS systems takes time, costs a lot and disrupts business. So why have so many restaurants made the transition?

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Upfront Costs

Cloud-based systems—also known as SaaS or “software-as-a-service” systems—cost less in the long term due to lower upfront costs and cheaper upkeep. You can install a SaaS system fast and easy online whereas legacy systems require onsite technicians for set up. Typical upfront costs for cloud-based systems average between $600-$10,000 per year depending on the software and hardware you choose, while data storage for legacy systems alone can cost up to $50,000. With information in the cloud, you don’t have to pay for physical storage at all, and you get a subscription rather than signing a long-term contract.

Consolidation of Data

Cloud storage also allows you to unite all of the processes that keep your restaurant running. While legacy systems require contracts with multiple different vendors, cloud-based systems merge features like payroll, customer feedback and data analysis into one place. You can even integrate processes that don’t come free with the system, like employee scheduling for example, to further simplify daily operations.

Cloud-based systems also support a variety of devices to host these features, including handheld devices and tablets which facilitate tableside service for guests. The devices transmit orders directly to the kitchen’s display screen, which hastens the process of getting food on tables and in turn allows you to seat more guests in a day. By integrating your POS system with these extra, supported devices you can improve the efficiency of your restaurant, foster customer satisfaction and watch your profits grow.

Updates and Maintenance

You can complete most necessary maintenance on an SaaS system online or over the phone, saving money where legacy systems require an onsite technician. Your vendor might also include updates for free depending on which one you choose. Updates on SaaS systems apply faster than on legacy systems as well, which require time, energy and somebody to monitor the process in person. With cloud-based technology, you can reach all your devices from anywhere and at any time. Within minutes, your whole restaurant is up to date.

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Data Analysis

Having easy access to all of this data lets you easily shift and improve your marketing strategies too. Since you can see customer satisfaction surveys in real-time with a cloud-based system, you can address dissatisfaction before the concerned party even leaves the premises. That same information helps improve target marketing strategies as well; as you gather consumer data, you can better cater to their individual preferences.

You don’t need to stay onsite to see all of this analysis, either, because SaaS systems let you manage remotely, which you might prefer if you run multiple locations or travel a lot.

Making the Switch

Replacing your current system can seem daunting, and you might feel inclined to stick with the familiar, traditional POS system that you already know and understand. Cloud-based technology, however, works with every facet of your business, lets you manage remotely, and assists with and even improve on daily operations. You never have to worry about scaling and growth because cloud-based systems grow exponentially with you.

The benefits of SaaS outweigh the short-term annoyance of changing systems. Let the cloud bring your business into the future of technology.

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