• Maya

Self-Ordering Kiosk, The Secret to a Successful Restaurant

The world's famous self-ordering kiosk was first used by McDonald's and Paneras and later became the staple technology of all fast food chains and restaurants worldwide. So if you are still not using it now, you are far left behind. As COVID-19 radically changed how the food industry runs its businesses,self-ordering kiosks became an essential tool to adopt the so-called new normal.

Parts and functions of a Self-Ordering Kiosk

  1. It is built with a user-friendly algorithm that works in the background to suggest popular menu combinations based on historical data or customized customer options.

  2. It reduces queues and waits times. Therefore, it makes customers happy and increases profitability. It helps to improve employees' efficiency by focusing on back-of-house operations and customer satisfaction.

  3. The innovative and simple software helps make ordering easy for all customers. It leads customers to order for themselves and save operating expenses.

Self-Ordering Kiosks provide an easy-to-use option for customers to order without going through long lines. It makes the ordering process fast and accurate. In restaurants, it allows guests to make their orders without the assistance of a server. Restaurants generally use hand-held tablets to do the process. It decreases the number of necessary servers, allowing restaurant staff to focus more on concerns that need to be performed manually.

This technological wonder is also widely used in Fast Food/QSR. It can reduce waiting time and offer faster services by sending orders directly to the kitchen. Furthermore, it decreases the risks of human error such as taking wrong orders as the guests will input their choices directly instead of the traditional ordering process.

Benefits of a Self–Ordering Kiosk system

1. It requires limited staff to assist customers.

2. More efficient customer service. More time will be allowed for customers' other immediate concerns, such as menu inquiries or related issues.

3. It promotes social distancing. As authorities loosen COVID-19 restrictions, many customers keep the social distancing protocol and prefer a contactless transaction for efficiency and safety purposes.

How do Self-Ordering Kiosk systems work

The primordial objectives are to lessen labor costs, minimize waiting times and increase profitability. It should be easy to use and manage and seamlessly integrates with the point of sale and kitchen display system.

Here's how to get started:

1. Purchasing a kiosk

The most crucial step is finding a TRUSTED KIOSK PROVIDER that fits your business. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and functions, which means the manufacturer or the provider must understand the client's specific needs.

2. Kiosk set-up

Installation is part of the job. Aside from delivery, the manufacturer or the provider must perform on-site assistance to help get the kiosk up and running perfectly. The position will not only limit the installation process but also assure that the software is properly functioning.

3. Using the kiosk system

Once it is properly installed and fully operational, the machine begins to process orders. A user inputs their choice of foods, and it is displayed and processed through the kiosk system. In addition, It offers a wide range of ordering options and allows customers to customize their orders.

4. Order is automatically sent to the kitchen

Customers' orders will automatically reflect on a kitchen display system, and the kitchen personnel processes them. Imagine the amount of time saved, significantly decreasing the likelihood of incorrect orders.

5. Food is served

The entire process is streamlined to promote convenience and efficiency to both the customer and the management. Once the order has been prepared, it is ready to be served. As a result, it provides a better customer experience that will lead them to return.


The Self-Ordering Kiosk system is an incredible invention that provides the food industry with an enormous aid in promoting customer satisfaction and increasing profitability. Easy as it may seem, choosing the right provider is essential. Given the many positive reviews, one can't deny that many more food establishments are adopting self-ordering kiosk systems.