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Restaurants Add QR Codes to the Menu

Smart restaurateurs are always looking to push the envelope when it comes to running a successful business in the modern age. This means equipping the restaurant with state-of-the-art technology that facilitates ordering and payment, thus improving the overall guest experience for present and future customers.

Lately, restaurants have enjoyed the benefits they get when they discover QR code ordering. eatOS offers this capability for all of our merchant partners because we believe that everyone deserves affordable cutting-edge technology that will make their restaurant thrive.

What is QR code ordering?

Before you implement a system involving QR code ordering, first you need to understand what it is and how it works.

Restaurants post a QR code somewhere on the premises for guests to scan with their phones, which then automatically brings up an online menu for them to browse and buy from. It works with any phone camera and doesn’t require the customer to download an app first. Unlike most vendors, eatOS doesn’t simply scan the menu for easy viewing: We create an actual menu optimized for mobile screens, with all the same capability as an online menu viewed through desktop computer.

To make the most of QR capability, we recommend placing the code somewhere visible and highly trafficked so more customers will notice and use it. Place it in an existing table stand, incorporate it into the decor as a sign or wall sticker, post in the storefront window or simply have a server present it to the table.

Why do customers prefer QR ordering?

It saves time to tap and order right from their seat. As soon as a customer knows what they want, they can input it directly to the kitchen instead of waiting for a server to come around and write it down and then run it to the back of the house. Self-service capabilities improve accuracy so customers get their food quicker and with fewer human errors. It’s a straightforward system: Just scan, browse and pay right from the table. Self-ordering is faster and easier than ever with our clean, intuitive interface and virtual menus.

Our QR feature comes at the perfect time, too: With COVID-19 still a paramount concern for consumers and businesses alike, having a reliable contact-free method for ordering and transactions encourages people to choose your restaurant on the rarer occasions that they dine out, especially over your competitors who don’t have as many COVID-19 protections in place. eatOS lets your customers and staff social distance, which is more important now than ever before.

Keep the simplicity going, right down to the final transaction. Your customers can pay from the same sceen so they don’t have to wait for servers to bring the check or go through the Point of Sale system. The restaurant experience has never been safer, more socially distant or easier to navigate with just the phone in your hands.

Why do restaurants need it?

QR codes make ordering easy, for both to-go and dine-in. If for no other reason, then restaurants need QR ordering because their customers expect it. With COVID-19 still a significant problem, restaurants need to invest in a variety of contact-free solutions that protect the health and safety of their guests and employees alike. It’s a changing marketplace and these trends will likely continue to grow.

Make QR codes work alongside the rest of your technology. For example, our Point of Sale lets customers scan and pay with the cashier without handing over a card, instead working with their online wallets. For full service restaurants, the QR code automatically keeps track of what table each order belongs to so food running stays simple, but customers can add items or close out the check whenever they want. Splitting the check is similarly simple with eatOS hard- and software to provide the best possible customer experience.

Additionally, QR code ordering gets you the lowdown on all of your customers. Collect data and analytics on the guests in your restaurant, which will help you make better budgeting and business decisions and can even drive more successful marketing campaigns. You’ll wonder how you ever operated any other way.

Get the advanced features and technology that your customers are craving, your competition is considering and your restaurant really needs. Learn more about what contactless payment methods can do for you, and book a demo with eatOS to find out what we can do to help bring your restaurant into the future of food service.

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