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Restaurant USP: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

When it comes to restaurant marketing, it’s important to identify your business aspects that set you apart. Everyone has at least one detail that makes a loyal customer say to their friend, “You should try this place; they’ve got great dinner specials!” or something similar. Your USP should define what makes dining with you a one-of-a-kind experience and naturally increase profit as a result.

Restaurant USP

You can generate good ideas for a USP by identifying the business aspects that matter to your existing base. How do you positively influence their lives? What moral cause are they aligned with that you can demonstrate you care about too? Maybe a new green initiative, organic food, or seamless contactless experience is enough to sway new customers to your side.

Finding the Right USP

A nappy, short explanation of what you do best goes a long way, and it doesn’t have to be an objective quality. You don’t need to be voted the best burger in the state to have people recommend you for lunch because the meat is juicy and the buns are delicious. Other common USPs include:

  1. Something that stands out about your customer service.

  2. Interesting menu items, whether it’s locally-sourced produce or foreign cuisine or something else.

  3. Unbeatable prices.

  4. Eye-catching decor and a nice ambiance.

As usual, your customers are the most valuable source of information. Ask them directly what they like about coming to your restaurant, why they recommend you to their friends, and what they say when they tell someone new to try you out. This way, you’ll get a sense of what USPs already work for your business, so you can lean into and improve upon what you know will be a hit. Consolidate multiple different selling points to create the ultimate USP for your restaurant.

Using USPs

Strong customer relationships are vital for forming a successful USP. Spend time getting to know your most loyal patrons and get a sense of what, precisely, they enjoy about your business, as this is what future customers are likely to find valuable as well. It helps tailor marketing campaigns to reach your ideal audience, who in turn will tell their like-minded friends, and so on in a never-ending circle of professional growth.

When it comes to smarter marketing and safely storing customer data, you need superior restaurant technology. Leverage customer information effectively to find their preferences and create compelling promotions. To do that, you need software that operates smoothly alongside your workforce. Don’t rely on slow or failing devices; get restaurant technology that works at business speed.

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