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Reduce Your Restaurant’s Carbon Footprint

Why You Should Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Customers want to support businesses that share their values. With climate change a hot topic in recent years, it follows that restaurants want to reduce their carbon footprint.

According to the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, restaurants waste as much as 80% of their energy consumption. A lot gets used by inefficient heating systems, air conditioning, lighting, and other major equipment like the refrigerator.  By upgrading to more energy-conscious versions of these same necessary products, restaurants reduce their carbon footprint. Focusing on some of the major sources that are draining power will spur smarter usage and a greener business.

Climate change affects us all, and every business should do its part in taking care of the planet. Lower your carbon footprint while keeping in line with your brand, values, and mission.

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Creative Solutions for Restaurants

Reduce energy through automation and greener business practices in general. Though many restaurants had to switch over to disposables because of COVID0-19, they can still minimize plastic use by digitizing in-store menus and only using as much as necessary for takeout. For example, compartmented trays can separate food without the need for multiple containers. Spending a little more on better-quality packaging material also means not having to double- and triple-bag all your deliveries, and you can get compostable boxes too for easy recycling.

As we support the planet, it’s a great time to extend that same consideration for friends and neighbors. Use locally-grown foods and seasonal ingredients in your dishes to support the environment, and local vendors too. Creating a tighter-knit community amongst the restaurants and restaurant-adjacent businesses in your neighborhood builds a support network that you can lean on during hard times.

Additionally, find ways to reduce utility power usage. These may include:

  1. dim lights and use natural light as extensively as possible. Install LEDs where applicable.

  2. regularly change your filters so they don’t have to struggle to run.

  3. perform a check to see where you’re using the most amount of power, so you can actively reduce it in those areas.

By reducing your carbon footprint, any sized restaurant can help protect the planet. When in doubt, fall back on the old standby: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Climate Change and Your Carbon Footprint

What is your restaurant doing to positively impact the planet? Some have considered labeling the carbon footprint required to output each meal, right on the menu. Displaying it so boldly does effectively alert customers to these efforts, thus generating more buzz about your conservation efforts. Announce changes like this on social media and your website so customers know you’re making a commitment to go greener.

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