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Re-Staff Your Restaurant Quick

The Current State of Restaurant Staffing

Restaurants are finally getting to reopen for good this summer. Unfortunately, a labor shortage struck at the same time. As dining out picks back up in the next few months, these businesses need to quickly rehire all the staff they lost at the beginning of the pandemic.

The labor shortage comes from three main places, which restaurants need to address if they want to gain back a strong workforce.

  1. The inherent danger of working in person during a global pandemic.

  2. Traditionally low wages in the foodservice industry.

  3. Expanded unemployment benefits making it more appealing to stay on these than work full-time.

Restaurants need to hire staff back fast to meet the demands of restaurant recovery, while also amassing the best team they can find.

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The New Normal for Hiring

Times have changed since the last time you made job postings. The rules for hiring are different. More than anything else right now, be understanding. Gaps in work history and lots of PTO this year all make sense in the context of what’s happened.

When it comes to your new hires, looking backward may be the way to go. Although under normal circumstances, you let employees go for a reason, now there’s probably a list of people who were simply victims of hard times. This may be the cheapest and most expedient way to find new hires. You also know that they’ll fit well with the company culture; and employees who work well together, provide better customer service. By rehiring, you also cut down onboarding because they already know the lay of the land.

Lastly, try working interviews. As part of the process, potential hires come in and work some of the roles they’re applying for, so as to familiarize them with it and see how well they do. Training during the interview expedites the onboarding process for whomever you hire. Then they’re ready to hit the ground running—and you get a little extra help for the day, too.

Lean on Referrals

Ask your current staff to help find new workers, too. Referral bonuses incentivize them to bring in recommendations. Who better to find people who will fit into the company culture and existing workflow? Teams that get along well also tend to put in more effort and stick with the company longer, so hiring their friends can be a great solution for everyone. When they try harder at their jobs, they ultimately provide a better customer experience for guests.

Restaurants may have to do more than that, though. Some use signing bonuses, PTO, health and dental, and better wages overall as a long-term solution to turnover and the labor shortage.

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Promote Staff from Within

Despite the struggle to get back servers, it’s even harder to find people who can handle managerial positions. Promoting from within the organization works because they’re your people, so you know who’s able and willing to take up the mantle. Training your own people is also cheaper, and an overall better investment, than constantly onboarding new hires.

It helps morale and overall company culture, too, so you might see more qualified applicants on average. People want the chance for upward mobility within a company, or else they’ll look elsewhere for positions that can actually grow their careers. Support your restaurant, and your employees, by following these tips for smart and swift staffing.

As you hire new employees to get back to normal, manage the workforce more effectively with a smart and quick service POS. Cutting-edge technology comes with features that make it simple to schedule staff, run payroll, and do so much more.

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