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QR Codes Are the Answer to Restaurant Recovery

While small businesses all over the world have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants in particular have faced hurdle after hurdle this past year. Throughout the hard times, advancing restaurant technology is a light for struggling businesses who, tax One particular form of contactless tech is projected to play a massive part in restaurant recovery moving forward: QR code ordering.

What Is QR Ordering?

It’s simple: Using their own smartphones, customers scan a code which you place on their tables, in the storefront window or on your website and then they’re automatically redirected to an online menu that’s been optimized specifically for mobile use. This wasn’t such a big phenomenon before COVID-19 because there simply wasn’t a need for contact-free perusal and frankly, some people just prefer to read a physical menu. Still, in a world ravaged by a deadly pandemic, adjustments need to be made.

Now the world has gone digital and customers are latching on with both hands. More than half of U.S. diners intend to stick with QR codes now that they’re accustomed to and well-versed in them. Self-service is proven to increase average ticket sizes as well as promote social distance, reduced risk of COVID-19 transmission and greater customer satisfaction overall. When they trust that you’ve got their best interests in mind, they feel safe and comfortable coming back—and choosing you over a less-sympathetic competitor.

Contactless Takes Over

It’s not just QR codes enjoying an increase in popularity. Other forms of contact-free or one-tap technology are also permeating the market slowly but surely. Mobile wallets, for example, have caught on by letting customers check out up to 23% faster. Meanwhile mobile ordering is proven to boost the average check size, because getting to spend time with the menu and review their tickets, combined with automatic upselling prompts, encourages guests to add that extra side to their meal or tack on a drink to go with it. Over the course of a day and a lot of tickets, this really adds up for your business.

The restaurant industry is a massive part of American small business yet they’re being deeply, deeply cut by this pandemic. Technology solutions are here to help bridge some of the gap and help restaurants heal and prepare for a more positive future.

With fewer touchpoints at hand, your servers can focus more fully on creating a positive customer experience for everyone. Self-service takes mundane tasks like pressing buttons, running tickets to the back and more, out of servers’ purview which gives them the chance to focus on tasks that require their individual skillsets or on forming personal connections with patrons.

Get more revenue, regularly satisfied customers, reduced labor costs and more guest loyalty when you take the leap to invest in QR code ordering and other, similar contactless technology solutions. In the future, food service will have to continue finding ways to create a streamlined, safe and increasingly contact-free customer experience.

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