• Maya

Point of Sale Trends That Will Revolutionize Your Restaurant

Point of Sale systems are integral to any restaurant. That’s where you localize your customer transactions and keep track of trends, orders and management tools. PoS systems used to process payments simply but they’ve grown to encompass much more multi-functionality.

As consumer priorities shift over time, so too must PoS providers’ strategies change to optimize the features that restaurants love. A few PoS trends have grown increasingly mainstream; if you’re a small business that doesn’t have the latest technology, consider upgrading by contracting with a Point of Sale provider with your best interests in mind.

Handheld Technology

Transactions have become more accessible to manage than ever. When servers can take the PoS system with them, they handle transactions faster which improves table turn times, saving money and letting you seat more customers throughout the day. PoS devices now come as tablets, iPads and even self-service devices to input orders more quickly and send them straight to the Kitchen Display Screen for cooks to get started on right away.

Many systems will even automatically recommend dishes based on customer preferences, popular items, and the time of day or year. Upselling capabilities are invaluable tools to increase the average check size on each order.

Cloud-Based Systems

Gone are the days of physical, on-premises data storage. Now, the best Point of Sale systems work through the cloud. Digital storage lets you easily back up data and update your system remotely, at any point in the day, from wherever you are. You no longer have to be on-premises managing your employees; rather, you can take time to yourself without worrying that things are going wrong in your absence. Counterintuitively, internet-based systems also work offline; all of your data is saved to the system itself and gets instantly synced to the cloud once you’re back online, so you don’t have to stop running because of a power outage or any other reason.

Cloud-based systems are also cheaper than the alternatives. Many of them offer pay-as-you-go plans rather than requiring a massive investment at the outset when you’re trying to get your business off the ground. There’s no commitment, thus allowing future flexibility to upgrade or change your plan at any time.

Self-Service Kiosks

It’s increasingly trendy to put power in the customers’ hands. eatOS has state-of-the-art self-service kiosks that are proven to severely cut back on lines; make fewer errors which lead to more satisfied customers; automatically upsell and promote meals based on what’s selling best, what you’d like to help sell better, time of day and more; update more quickly and sync automatically across all your devices in the store; and save money on printing costs with paperless receipts, which also benefits the environment.

Analytics and Data

Point of Sale devices that act as a data touchpoint will source information and automatically run reports to simplify the analytics process so you can view statistics, observe trends, and alter your approach accordingly to optimize profits. This information will also help determine your marketing approach, identify customer preferences to build direct marketing campaigns around, and monitor sales behavior over time to know whether you should reorganize your menu. All of this is quick and easy if your PoS has automatic reporting features.

Payment Options

Your transaction system is digital, so it should accept digital payments too and support your technologically-savvy customer base. Mobile payments, digital wallets and loyalty programs are getting increasingly popular as people move away from cash transactions. When customers can pay directly on the PoS or handheld device, including tabletop tablets that prompt self-ordering, they can speed through the transaction process, have a more satisfactory dining experience and leave quickly to seat more tables throughout the day.

Facial Recognition

Some Point of Sale providers are even strengthening their facial recognition software, whose biometrics would make it easy for you to create and save customer profiles. Customers don’t need to sign in; the device will “recognize” them so they can quickly view recent orders, spend loyalty points and more. It’s beneficial for restaurants to save that data in order to upsell more accurately and improve their marketing techniques. With customer profiles, you can also cater to your guests more directly by including perks such as discounts on their birthdays, which further build your brand loyalty.

One-Spot Solution

Ideally, your Point of Sale will be the one-stop solution for all of your restaurant needs. Whereas restaurants used to have to contract with multiple companies to get all their necessary software, now advanced technology will localize all of that information in one system so you can easily view statistics on any device connected to the network. Order information, marketing, staff management and analytics are all in one handy PoS device which saves on costs and makes it easier to view reports across multiple channels.

Your system should work for you. That’s why you should find a provider that handles all of your needs, prioritizing functionality, speed and customization to create a better management tool all in one smart hub.

At eatOS, we designed a restaurant management tool to help your restaurant do what it does best. Restaurants all over the world are engaging with smarter Point of Sale systems that drive their business to greater success. It’s time to get in the competition. Schedule a demo with eatOS to see what our Point of Sale system can do for you.