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Planning For Your Restaurant’s Future

As we finally leave the pandemic behind, the restaurant industry will reemerge into a much different marketplace than the one it left behind. For starters, restaurants and consumers alike have experienced severe financial stress because of COVID-19. We’re shifting back toward normalcy, but how can businesses effectively plan for the future when it’s unclear what a post-vaccine world will hold?

People are more cautious now. This pandemic has altered the way we think and customers are likely to worry about health and sanitation in ways they never did before. Building flexibility into your business plan as you open back to full capacity will prepare you for something of this caliber to happen again. Instead of reliving last March, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running no matter what.

Adapting to the New Normal

As we enter what’s hopefully the final era of this pandemic, you’ll need new marketing techniques to match your new business model. Don’t rely on the same tricks you used a year ago or assume that your base will match the one you had before. Now, your audience probably consists of people who prefer the convenience of delivery and expect to cook at home; you’ll likely have to lean on these habits more than you did before COVID-19. Projections show these trends continuing for a long time. Your customers have slipped into a routine they won’t want to break.

Don’t be afraid to make a show out of sanitation, either. Clean off tables, wipe down Kiosks and sanitize your space out in the open so customers can see what you’re doing to provide a safe experience. All of this caters to your base’s new mindset.

To signify this new era of business, consider making tangible changes to your menu too. Introducing a travel menu demonstrates your understanding that delivery matters; adding drinks with names that reference current trends incentivizes them to try house specials that seem fun. Remember that things have changed over the past year; whatever you do next needs to fit 2021.

Thriving, Not Just Surviving

To recover from a year of hits to your savings account and hoping for a PPP loan, restaurants need a plan to turn a big profit. Reservation software helps. Maximize your table space and provide more accurate wait times for walk-ins when you accept reservations with software that automatically sends guests reminders twenty-four hours in advance. A late cancellation or no-show fee also cuts down on lost revenue.

Investing in the right Point of Sale system sets you up for long-term success. Track and analyze sales data to monitor customer trends and create ad campaigns tailor-made for what they want. Improve your customer relationships with guest profiles that make it easier for them to reorder their favorite meals. eatOS technology also integrates rewards programs that automatically apply points to the order. Give each visitor a reason to shift back to dine-in when your restaurant does, or at least continue online ordering with you moving forward.

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The Future of the Restaurant Industry

Unconventional revenue streams can make up some of the profit that got lost thanks to COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions. Technology advancements in the past year have streamlined operations and built-in some level of flexibility so you can adapt to any unforeseen circumstances that will crop up in the future. One thing we’ve all learned in this pandemic, it’s that anything can happen.

eatOS offers an all-in-one cloud-based eco-system exclusively for restaurants. From Point of Sale to Contactless Ordering, Pay & Order at Table, Kitchen Display System, Customer Facing Display, Online Ordering APP / Website and Workforce Management there is everything to help a restaurant succeed no matter the size. Click Here to Schedule a demo to learn more about how your restaurant can make a smooth transition into the world of restaurant technology made simple.

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