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Payment Processors: More Important Than You Think

Transactions: They’re undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of dining out, equal to providing great food, but they can turn a night out disastrous if something goes awry. Customers want a speedy, straightforward payment experience without hiccups, or the last taste in their mouth is a sour one. Remember, customer service doesn’t end with the meal; it’s over once they walk out the door. Having capable payment processors is as essential as one expects. When credit card fees get expensive, and your processor takes a long time to work. Payment is rarely a “fun” time, but making it seamless can positively impact generate more loyalty, better marketing strategies, and stronger customer relationships.

Finding the Right Payment Processor

Payment processors do have a domino effect on the rest of your operations, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Technology that integrates into state-of-the-art Point of Sales lets you track sales from day-to-day to see whether implemented promotions are working as expected, what dishes are most preferred, and when they’re most likely to come in. See what form of payment your customers usually give and make sure your new processor is equipped to accept.

Ideally, tracking your daily reports will also make targeted marketing efforts run a lot smoother. When integrated with loyalty programs, too, you can use your sourced customer data to create advertising campaigns that align with your most loyal patrons’ preferences and favorite foods.

When you’re shopping for a vendor, make sure to ask about the ease of installation, setup, and future support. You don’t want the system glitching in the middle of a rush only to find that your vendor doesn’t offer 24/7 support, and now you’re held up and have to tell somehow a dining room full of people that you’re only accepting cash for the rest of the night. It may take time and a whole lot of research, but you can find a processor that fits your specific business needs and works within the constraints of your budget and goals.

Payment Processors

eatOS Payment

Advanced Point of Sale systems, like the one powered by eatOS, gives you these capabilities as well as an integrated payment processor that accepts all kinds, in-store and on the go. eatOS features include:

  1. Accept mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

  2. Take EMV and contactless cards to promote social distance and faster transactions.

  3. Online and offline modes, so the business doesn’t stop with lost connectivity. Instead, operate as usual, and eatOS will sync sales data back to the cloud as soon as you’re back online.

  4. Third-party API integration for a seamless exchange of information throughout your store.

eatOS technology works with the most prominent payment processors and accepts cash to guarantee customer satisfaction no matter their preferred method.

Book a demo today and learn how our payment processors integrate into an advanced technological ecosystem to create a smoother, streamlined dining experience. The future of restaurant payments is here.

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