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Payment Processors for Your Small Business

As customer preferences change and the food service industry evolves too, restaurants need to equip themselves with modern technology that makes good service possible. This extends even to the transaction that rounds out the meal. Adaptable, modern payment methods make a huge difference to the customer experience.

Payment Processors

Introducing eatOS payment system, the smart choice for small business.

Flexibility Matters

Restaurants need room to grow, scale and diversify their customer base. That includes transactions. Accept whichever payment method customers find most convenient, whether it’s credit cards, mobile wallets or other forms of contact-free payment.

eatOS payment system even takes gift cards so you can expand what your online store offers. Have customers spend some money now to redeem the experience later, putting profit in your pocket during a financially-strained time. It’s also convenient to check out because of multi-tender capabilities that let guests split how they pay for their order.

Since COVID-19, the marketplace increasingly prefers digitization. There’s built-in social distance and it’s more accurate and convenient for guests to complete orders from their phones. Restaurants need to turn to digital solutions to meet customers where they’re at now.

Direct and Secure Payment

Integrate your payment technology into a smart POS system for direct and secure transactions. eatOS technology works much quicker than traditional payment systems, and the interface is completely user-friendly for cashiers and customers. With portable POS, your servers can take cards all over the store. They don’t have to run back and forth to the main terminal to process transactions anymore.

eatOS also encrypts and stores its data in the cloud for ultimate security. With customizable guest profiles, their information saves so they can easily repurchase old favorites. You foster loyalty this way, too. Just by having smarter, faster payment processing, you’ll pull in more profit in the long run.

Efficient Printers for Front and Back of House

For the business side of things, eatOS offers printers for both the kitchen and cashiers. The front of house has receipt printers that run quieter and faster than traditional ones. Meanwhile the kitchen’s printer is deliberately loud to cut through the bustle, and highlights certain lines to draw attention to modifications and allergies.

Guests can choose to get their receipts via email or text to reduce paper waste. Digitize every aspect of food service, including tipping. eatOS technology generates tips at automated, common intervals or lets customers write in their own percent. Digitized payment now forms the most convenient guest experience possible.

contactless payment

Photo courtesy of eatOS

Payment Processing for Small Business

The right POS for your restaurant will come with costs that fit your budget and form a technological ecosystem linked to one smart hub. Payment processors can connect to your integrated accounting software so you expend less manual labor come payroll, budgeting and tax season.

Equip your restaurant with smarter payment methods to meet the modern consumer with convenient, accurate and efficient transactions. 

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