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orderOS: The Future of Online Ordering

Over the past several years, customers have gotten more comfortable with off-premising ordering options. Still, COVID-19 has caused an explosion of favor for takeout and delivery, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Even this far into the pandemic, we still see cases rise all over the country, and new safety regulations come out month to month to month. As a result, restaurants are still closing indoor dining options or just switching over to online platforms. New revenue streams might be just the revitalization that your restaurant needs. Takeout and delivery are undoubtedly here to stay: Affordable pricing and safety concerns have made online ordering a prevalent consumer trend, with many indicating that they plan to continue prioritizing takeout and delivery after the pandemic passes. There are other viruses out there, and considering sanitation and social distance is now, for better or worse, embedded into the modern social consciousness.

Contactless technology is making its way onto service floors throughout the industry simultaneously, as restaurateurs recognize the rising importance of convenient social distancing. At eatOS, we’ve developed orderOS: A personalized branded website and mobile app that restaurants like you can use to launch your online ordering platform without any of the usual commission fees you get with other third party services.

orderOS and the Future of Off-Premise Dining

When you sign up with eatOS, we give you complete control over your layout and menu to make business decisions that the most make sense for you. Managing your own system is a huge benefit: When you add curbside services, for example, you can take into account the layout of your restaurant and parking lot when figuring out how to make sure orders go to the right cars in line. You can also optimize your menu to promote best-selling dishes front and center or make sure that it loads conveniently and sensibly on mobile.

Our mobile and online ordering platforms integrate with your existing system, so sales data continues to update in real-time while incorporating off-premise orders. All tickets automatically go to the Point of Sale and Kitchen Display Screen so cooks can get started immediately on orders, shortening wait times and making much happier customers. This increases the likelihood that each one will want to come back for more.

Online Ordering

Why Do Customers Love orderOS?

What do customers get out of orderOS? They’ll enjoy contactless payment options as well as a more convenient ordering experience. Online and mobile ordering give customers a chance to peruse the full menu and double-check their tickets, meaning increased order accuracy as less gets lost in translation because of human error. orderOS is equipped for easy modifications and add-ons, but checkout notes take it to the next level by giving customers control over the delivery experience.

Order tracking is also improved with orderOS. Customers can see their orders’ progress in the queue, and workers can give more accurate time estimates for meals and open tables alike.

We improve the experience even down to each individual transaction. COVID-19 has shown the abject necessity of contactless payment and delivery options; customers can pay at their leisure with self-service, without fear of spreading this deadly virus. eatOS devices are equipped for swipe, tap, near-field communication, and online payments, so customers have the choice to complete the transaction; however, they’re most comfortable doing it.

When you sign up with eatOS, you’ll see the benefits of a custom branded merchant app and a revitalized online ordering webpage. The future of foodservice is online and mobile: eatOS developed orderOS as the perfect companion to this new dining era.

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