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orderOS Puts Payment Power Back in Diners’ Hands

Payment time. It’s the last interaction that guests have with your restaurant, so you want to make it a good one. You know how it works: Customers flag down a passing waiter and get them to hunt down the check, wait however long it takes to get back to the Point of Sale terminal while dodging a sea of other customers clamoring for their attention, wait for the PoS to process the payment, and watch the waiter fight their way back to the table. What if we told you it doesn’t have to involve so much waiting around?

orderOS by eatOS

eatOS has developed restaurant technology that understands the need for speedy service and versatile payment methods: orderOS is the answer. When it comes to finances, customers should get control over their personal transactions. Make sure every experience is top quality from start to finish, and end any night out on a strong positive note.

Make the Most of Your Transactions…

Diversifying your payment methods and capabilities lead to more revenue in the long run, because a smarter payment processor is intrinsically tied with more capable restaurant hard- and software. Invest in technology that can take many forms of payment and process faster; this will speed up the overall dining process so you can take in more tickets per day while guests enjoy shorter wait times. eatOS accepts cash, checks, debit and credit, and gift cards with complete ease.

We believe in making transactions more convenient and secure. Tableside payment options let customers view their bill so greater accuracy is guaranteed. They can pay at their leisure and with whatever form suits their preferences—whether they want to pay it as soon as the plates are cleared or sit around debating dessert for a little while. No more trying to flag down an available server and waiting for them to make their way over. That’s why our Self-Service Kiosk is popular as well, because self-ordering capabilities naturally increase tips and the average check size. We’ll automatically calculate suggested amounts for customers to tip so your servers appreciate the extra bills lining their pockets too.

orderOS reduces payment to a seamless, one-step process. With technological developments like scan to pay, near-field communication (NEC), mobile wallets and more, modern guests will get a thrill from using some of the most cutting-edge features on the market while more traditional folk simply have a faster experience using cash or card without having to wait a long time for a receipt.

To tie the experience together and end each guest’s night on a high note, train your waitstaff to adapt to every table and meet parties’ needs wherever they’re at. Flexibility is important in a fast-paced restaurant environment powered by the latest tech, as is the ability to read customers to know exactly what they need. Is everyone in a big hurry? Are they celebrating an important occasion and looking to have a slow dinner over drinks? Restaurant technology is already adaptable to any situation; make each dining experience great by training staff members who are just as versatile. Learn more about how to hire exceptional restaurant staff.

orderOS by eatOS

…with orderOS by eatOS

We’ve taken all the most cutting edge features on the market and poured them into orderOS. With online and offline modes so you can charge guests over the phone, in person or through your online ordering platform, orderOS makes payment processing easy so each transaction ends their dining experience on a positive note.

  1. In-person or on-the-go, take cards from most major payment processors. orderOs integrates with mobile payment services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and others, as well as EMV and contactless card payments or traditional cash when you add a drawer beneath the terminal.

  2. orderOS is processor agnostic so it works on whatever operating system you already have set up.

  3. We’re integrated with third party API so you get all the benefits of the other services we’re partnered with.

Along with making digital transactions that are as fast and easy as taking cash, orderOS gives you full advantage of our integrated business partners. Enjoy superior scheduling software with 7Shifts, making workforce management simpler than ever before; run automated, accurate payrolls with Gusto; get the benefits of our integrations with Square, Clover, HP and more when you sign up with eatOS.

Book a demo to get orderOS and welcome to the future of food service, today.

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