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Offline Mode Forever Changes Restaurant Point of Sale

Your restaurant relies on efficient technology to keep it running smoothly throughout your business’s ups and downs. There’s a lot that can go wrong when it comes to your internet connection: That’s why at eatOS, we believe in a Point of Sale system that keeps your restaurant going even when WiFi is down. Accept transactions safely and securely, cash or card, internet or not.

With a traditional Point of Sale system, a sudden power outage can cause serious issues. You might be entirely unable to accept credit cards, forcing you to only take cash until you’re back up and running. Phoning and waiting for support can take hours and cost a lot of money, as hourly charges add up.

Why let internet connectivity run your life? Instead, invest in a cutting-edge Point of Sale that handles power outages in a new way.

An Offline Mode That’s Always “On”

No matter who’s your Point of Sale provider, there’s always a risk that an unexpected power outage or system failure occurs. The difference is how we at eatOS handle it, compared to legacy systems’ capabilities.

Why might your internet go out, even with advanced technology? There’s always factors outside of our control, for example:

  1. Losing payment processor connectivity. Advanced technology can identify outside issues and go into offline mode automatically, while still storing credit card info for authorization once the processor is back online.

  2. Network issue. If there’s a problem with your Local Area Network (LAN) then the device won’t be able to connect. Make sure the router isn’t unplugged or turned off, check the access point and move the router so that it isn’t too far away from your device.

  3. ISP goes down. Your internet service provider needs a strong connection. If your ISP goes down, our cloud-based system will automatically go into offline mode to protect the health of your business.

Our support services work as a team to get you back up and running when you need it. Contact our on-call support staff anytime and we’ll help you troubleshoot problems with your device—not that you’ll need it for offline capability issues. With eatOS, your Point of Sale automatically reconnects to the internet as soon as it can, and with auto-syncing capabilities, all of your data will back up to the cloud when the internet is back so there’s no synchronization discrepancies and all of your data stays exceedingly accurate in real time.

Your Point of Sale system should always be able to handle your business, no matter what’s going on behind the scenes.

Avoid Offline Altogether

Because we believe in preparedness at eatOS, we want to explore how to avoid going into offline mode altogether. You can strengthen the internet connection in your restaurant to reduce the risk of your WiFi suddenly flickering out. Point of Sale systems aren’t the only things that rely on the internet connection staying strong: Guest WiFi is also an increasingly popular consumer preference that gives you a leg up over your competition.

To keep both you and your customers online, strengthen your internet connection one or more of the following ways:

  1. Add backup WiFi if you have frequent outages.

  2. Connect to a phone’s hotspot in a pinch. Just remember, this really adds up on your phone bill, especially if you do it a lot or the outage lasts a while.

  3. Buy signal boosters or extenders. If you find that you’re going into offline mode often, it could be that the device isn’t close enough to the router to pick up the signal or there’s some kind of interference going on. Either move the router closer to where you mainly access the internet or buy boosters so your WiFi covers more of your restaurant.

When you’re busy running a business, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your internet is strong enough to handle the fast-paced workflow you need to maintain to succeed. With eatOS, our capable hardware makes sure that you’re always good to stay in business. Online and offline, eatOS has your back.

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